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Leonardo’s Toolkit  🛠️

Image Generation
AI Canvas
3D Texture Generation
Image Generation
Envision The Extraordinary

Push the boundaries of creativity with our revolutionary Image Generation tool. It's more than just visualizing your ideas—it's about reshaping boundaries. Catering to both novices and experts, we provide a range of adjustable settings to suit your requirements.

Experience the perfect blend of ease and capability, crafted for creators of every stripe.

AI Canvas
Perfect Every Pixel

Our AI Canvas fuses powerful editing capabilities with an engaging artistic journey, giving you full command. Simplify complexities, tailor dimensions, and perfect every facet of your artwork — all within a singular platform.

With Canvas, you're not just wielding a tool; you become the mastermind of your masterpiece.

3D Texture Generation
Advancing 3D Texture Innovations

Revitalize your 3D assets with unparalleled precision. Simply upload your OBJ file, produce textures with our AI's contextual understanding, and obtain enhanced files ready for various uses.

Elevate your design journey with our cutting-edge instrument, propelling your projects into the next echelon.

Unveil New Creative Horizons with Fine-tuned Models

DreamShaper v7

DreamShaper v7

Lykon returns with a fresh update. This version excels in various unique styles.
SDXL 0.9

SDXL 0.9

The most recent Stable Diffusion model is now in Beta phase.
3D Animation Style

3D Animation Style

Expertly captures 3D cinematic atmospheres, adept at depicting intricate scenes with vibrant colors. It's time to storyboard!
Absolute Reality v1.6

Absolute Reality v1.6

Lykon presents a photorealistic style model, excelling in various facets of photorealism.
Leonardo Diffusion

Leonardo Diffusion

Cac0e presents a model that showcases remarkable shading and contrast, adept in both photographic and artistic renditions.
DreamShaper v6

DreamShaper v6

Lykon delivers an updated model known for its remarkable versatility, proficient in capturing both human subjects and landscapes.
Deliberate 1.1

Deliberate 1.1

XpucT's dynamic model excels in delivering both photorealistic and artistic renditions.
Leanado Ai - Vintage Style Photography

Vintage Style Photography

This model produces imagery reminiscent of vintage film cameras, capturing a broad spectrum of nostalgic styles.
DreamShaper 3.2

DreamShaper 3.2

Lykon's model excels in various portrait styles and artistic backdrops.
Leanado Ai RPG 4.0

RPG 4.0

Craft endearing spirit characters, from fairy-tale beings to legendary creatures.
Leanado Ai Luna


For optimal results, maintain the Guidance Scale between 3-11.
Leanado Ai Paper art style

Paper art style

Paper art style.
Leanado Ai Ilustration V2

Ilustration V2

This is a new model designed for diverse artistic and illustrative styles.
Leanado Ai Spirit Creatures

Spirit Creatures

Craft enchanting characters, from fairy-inspired beings to legendary creatures, and bring adorable spirit personas to life.
Leanado Ai Character Portraits

Character Portraits

A model designed to craft compelling RPG characters across diverse classes with a uniform style.
Leanado Ai Isometric Fantasy

Isometric Fantasy

Design a variety of isometric fantasy settings. For optimal results, add "3d vray render, isometric" and set the guidance scale to 6. If you encounter issues, consider the negative pro.
leanado Ai Isometric Scifi Buildings

Isometric Scifi Buildings

Expertly crafts sci-fi buildings with diverse themes. Add "isometric" to your instruction for an isometric perspective. Including "3d vray render" enhances the outcome.
leanado Ai Cute Animal Characters

Cute Animal Characters

Ideal for crafting endearing and charming animal characters with delightful and fun designs.
leanado Ai Shields


Generate a diverse array of intricate and distinctive shield designs, accommodating a vast spectrum of material types.
 leanado Ai Magic Items

Magic Items

Craft an array of enchanting items, from weapons and shields to boots and tomes. Exceptionally adaptable.

Platform Gallery  🎨

Picture Perfect Creations ✨ with Alchemy

Meet Alchemy, our newest pipeline feature at Leonardo.ai that's set to transform your image generation experience. Acting as your digital Merlin, Alchemy harnesses the spellbinding power of AI to convert your creative inputs into enchanting visual outputs. The process is seamless, the results - magical
Image generation experience
Created by
Prompt details
A cyberpunk bedroom
Leonardo Diffusion
Leonardo Diffusion
Leonardo Ai Alchemy
Leonardo Alchemy
Leonardo Ai Prompt Magic v3
Prompt Magic v3
Show me another generation ✨
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"Leonardo gave me a way of expressing myself in a completely new and different way. Without AI I was only a consumer. Now I can create."
Leanado Ai - Malakai030
“Leo is suitable for those who are just starting their way in the world of AI images, as well as for professionals, who are offered a wide range of tools to work with.”
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Raini Studios
“With its powerful fined tuned models Leonardo makes AI art a breeze. The community is also the best I've found to date!”
Leanado Ai - Dee Does A.I
Dee Does A.I

ChatGPT Leonardo AI Prompt Maker

ChatGPT Leonardo AI Prompt Maker" is a specialized version of the ChatGPT model, uniquely designed to serve as an intermediary between users and a generative AI called "Leonardo AI," which creates images based on textual prompts. This customized role of ChatGPT involves generating detailed, structured prompts that effectively guide Leonardo AI in visualizing and producing images that align with the user's requests.

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ChatGPT Leonardo AI Prompt Maker

Multiple ControlNets with Image Guidance

Leonardo.Ai has introduced an innovative feature called Multiple ControlNet with Image Guidance. This enhancement revolutionizes the way you style and structure images, providing the capability for detailed adjustments using a variety of ControlNet settings.

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Leonardo Ai Image Guidance

How Core3D uses Leonardo to Streamline Design and Manufacturing

We're passionate about showcasing the creative integration of Leonardo.Ai by various companies into their products and operations. In this feature, we explore how Core3D harnessed our platform for producing 3D printed fashion on demand.

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 Core3D uses Leonardo Ai to Streamline Design and Manufacturing

Create your next artwork, with the power of Leonardo Ai

AI-powered image generators are rapidly gaining popularity as essential online design tools. Simply input your desired image description, and watch as AI Art transforms it into a visual masterpiece. While numerous options exist, only a select few provide the level of finesse and realism needed for premium results.

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Leonardo Ai Artwork

Best Leonardo AI Prompts

Unlock the full potential of AI with our exceptional collection of Leonardo AI Prompts. Dive into the world of AI Art, prompt engineering, logos, and much more. Simply copy and paste to start creating stunning AI-driven designs.

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Leonardo AI Prompts

Features and Benefits of Leonardo AI

Leonardo.Ai is crafted for ease of use and accessibility, catering to creators from various backgrounds and skill levels. Start your creative journey without any coding skills and unleash your artistic potential

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 Features and Benefits of Leonardo AI

Midjourney vs Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI stands out as the premier alternative to Midjourney, blending a seamless, user-friendly interface with exceptional AI capabilities for an unparalleled creative experience.

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Midjourney vs Leonardo AI

How to Use Leonardo AI for Game Development

For game developers, creating high-quality game assets such as characters, environments, props, animations, and soundtracks is often a challenging and costly process. The expenses associated with hiring skilled artists or buying pre-made assets from online marketplaces add to the hurdles faced in game development.

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How to Use Leonardo AI for Game Development

Diving into the World of Leonardo.Ai for AI-Powered Art Creation

Leonardo AI is a comprehensive generative AI tool renowned for creating stunning AI art, particularly excelling in the generation of image assets for computer games.

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AI-Powered Art Creation

Innovative Ways to Utilize Leonardo.Ai: Diversifying Your Creative Process

Explore innovative uses of Leonardo.Ai to diversify your creative process and revolutionize your approach to video game asset development.

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Top 21 Uses for Leonardo Ai

Unity's Fresh AI Marketplace within the Unity Asset Store

Introducing a groundbreaking advancement: Leonardo Ai makes its debut in Unity's new AI Marketplace, available within the Unity Asset Store.

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Top 21 Uses for Leonardo Ai

The Power of Alchemy Leonardo Ai Unveils a Revolutionary Feature in Image Generation

Discover the magic of picture-perfect creations with Alchemy, the latest pipeline feature at Leonardo.ai, designed to revolutionize your image-generation journey.

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Top 21 Uses for Leonardo Ai

Leonardo Ai’s Production API to build something awesome

Introducing Leonardo.Ai's Production API, tailored for projects of any scale, from personal ventures to services for millions of users. Our robust API, featuring flexible pricing plans, is equipped with powerful tools like Alchemy, Prompt Magic V3, Photoreal, and non-expiring API credits, empowering you and your team to create something truly remarkable

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Leonardo Ai API

Using The Image Generation Tool

Explore our guide on using Leonardo's AI Image Generation Tool. Follow these simple steps to effortlessly generate images with Leonardo's AI technology.

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Leonardo Ai Using The Image Generation Tool

Prompting Tips & Tricks

Maximize your use of Leonardo.AI's Image AI Art Generation Tool with prompts. Dive into our comprehensive Leonardo AI Prompt Guide for detailed insights.

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Leonardo Ai Prompting Tips & Tricks

Canvas 2.0

Discover our latest feature that enables you to create new images directly on the canvas using text prompts, seamlessly integrating with any surrounding context

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Leonardo Ai Canvas 2.0

How To Use Canvas V2

Unleash your creativity with the Leonardo Ai Canvas V2 Editor, a dynamic tool equipped with advanced AI technology for creating, editing, and perfecting your images. Utilize this editor to make detailed adjustments, erase undesired elements, or innovatively generate new content through inpainting and outpainting techniques.

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How To Use Canvas V2

Prompt Magic v3

Leonardo.ai proudly presents Prompt Magic v3 and SDXL 0.9, marking a new era in AI art with enhanced capabilities for creating next-level digital masterpieces.

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Prompt Magic v3


Leonardo ai introduces PhotoReal, an innovative feature that transforms prompts into hyper-realistic photographs with stunning modes like Cinematic, Vibrant, and Creative.

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Leanado AI PhotoReal


Step into a realm where your creativity knows no bounds. Elements by Leonardo AI heralds an exciting new chapter in digital artistry, granting artists and creators the ultimate creative freedom coupled with intricate control over their AI-generated art. This groundbreaking feature is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to uncharted artistic territories

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Leanado AI Elements

Image Guidance

Image Guidance is a groundbreaking feature that offers a suite of benefits and tools designed to enhance the creative process. One of its key advantages is the ability to upload multiple images, providing a richer, more diverse foundation for your artwork. This feature allows artists and creators to infuse their work with varied influences, drawing inspiration from up to four different reference images simultaneously.

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Leanado AI Image Guidance
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