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In the realm of digital art and design, a new player has emerged that is setting the standard for generative image technology. Leonardo AI, built on the acclaimed Stable Diffusion framework, is quickly becoming a favorite among creatives, drawing frequent comparisons to other industry leaders like Midjourney. What sets Leonardo AI apart is its user-friendly interface, robust community features akin to those found in Civitai, and a focus on accessibility that makes high-quality digital art creation more inclusive than ever.

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Revolutionizing Digital Art with Intuitive Features

Leonardo AI distinguishes itself with an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of creating stunning images. Whether users aim to generate game graphics or realistic human portraits, Leonardo AI streamlines the process through AI-generated prompt suggestions and the ability to apply specific styles to selected images. This approach not only makes the tool user-friendly but also incredibly versatile in meeting various artistic needs.

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Cloud-Based Efficiency and Generosity

Operating entirely in the cloud, Leonardo AI offers a potentially faster and more efficient experience compared to personal computing capabilities. Users benefit from 150 free tokens daily, with each image generation costing about 5–8 tokens. This setup ensures that basic usage remains free, making Leonardo AI an exceptionally generous tool in the market. Additionally, users receive two complimentary cloud-based model training opportunities each month, further enhancing the tool's value.

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Tailored Experience with Fine-Tuned Models

Leonardo AI goes beyond generic image generation by offering finely-tuned models that users can choose based on the desired style of their project. These models serve as foundational templates, guiding the artistic direction and ensuring that each creation aligns with the user’s vision. From photorealistic portraits to vibrant 3D animations, the range of styles available through Leonardo’s models, such as DreamShaper v7 and Leonardo Diffusion, is expansive and continually evolving.

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Expanding Creative Horizons

Leonardo AI not only facilitates the creation of game assets and concept art but also opens up new creative horizons through its diverse model offerings:

Unveil New Creative Horizons with Fine-tuned Models️

DreamShaper v7

Lykon returns with a fresh update. This version excels in various unique styles.

SDXL 0.9

The most recent Stable Diffusion model is now in Beta phase.

3D Animation Style

Expertly captures 3D cinematic atmospheres, adept at depicting intricate scenes with vibrant colors. It's time to storyboard!

Absolute Reality v1.6

Lykon presents a photorealistic style model, excelling in various facets of photorealism.

Leonardo Diffusion

Cac0e presents a model that showcases remarkable shading and contrast, adept in both photographic and artistic renditions.

DreamShaper v6

Lykon delivers an updated model known for its remarkable versatility, proficient in capturing both human subjects and landscapes.

Deliberate 1.1

XpucT's dynamic model excels in delivering both photorealistic and artistic renditions.

Vintage Style Photography

This model produces imagery reminiscent of vintage film cameras, capturing a broad spectrum of nostalgic styles.

DreamShaper 3.2

Lykon's model excels in various portrait styles and artistic backdrops.

RPG 4.0

Craft endearing spirit characters, from fairy-tale beings to legendary creatures.


For optimal results, maintain the Guidance Scale between 3-11.

Paper art style

Paper art style.

Ilustration V2

This is a new model designed for diverse artistic and illustrative styles.

Spirit Creatures

Craft enchanting characters, from fairy-inspired beings to legendary creatures, and bring adorable spirit personas to life.

Character Portraits

A model designed to craft compelling RPG characters across diverse classes with a uniform style.

Isometric Fantasy

Design a variety of isometric fantasy settings. For optimal results, add "3d vray render, isometric" and set the guidance scale to 6. If you encounter issues, consider the negative pro.

Isometric Scifi Buildings

Expertly crafts sci-fi buildings with diverse themes. Add "isometric" to your instruction for an isometric perspective. Including "3d vray render" enhances the outcome.

Cute Animal Characters

Ideal for crafting endearing and charming animal characters with delightful and fun designs.


Generate a diverse array of intricate and distinctive shield designs, accommodating a vast spectrum of material types.

Magic Items

Craft an array of enchanting items, from weapons and shields to boots and tomes. Exceptionally adaptable.

images generated by Leonardo AI

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Crafting Unique Characters and Scenarios

With Leonardo AI, artists can delve into creating unique character portraits, enchanting spirit creatures, and detailed isometric fantasy settings. The tool's ability to refine and adapt to specific artistic requirements allows for the creation of highly detailed and character-rich visuals. For instance, the Isometric Sci-fi Buildings model helps craft futuristic architectures with precision, while the Cute Animal Characters model is perfect for developing charming and whimsical animal designs.

Craft Your Next Masterpiece Using the Power of Leonardo AI

Embrace the power of AI and start creating with Leonardo today. Discover a world where creativity knows no bounds, and where your vision can become a stunning reality with just a few clicks. Join the Leonardo AI revolution and transform the way you create!

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