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Leonardo AI is an emerging generative image tool that's been garnering significant buzz, frequently drawing comparisons to Midjourney.

Leonardo.AI, built on the Stable Diffusion framework, provides a more intuitive user interface compared to Stable Diffusion WebUI and features a community aspect akin to Civitai. Users can effortlessly generate images by selecting a desired image, applying a specific style, and using AI-generated prompt suggestions. Although primarily marketed for creating game graphics, Leonardo.AI is also adept at producing realistic human images through the remixing of suitable models.

Operating in the cloud, Leonardo.AI offers a potentially faster experience than personal computing capabilities. Users are allotted 150 free tokens daily, with each image generation costing about 5ā€“8 tokens, making basic usage free of charge. Moreover, Leonardo.AI includes two complimentary cloud-based model training opportunities each month, presenting itself as a remarkably generous tool for users.

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Train Your Own Image Model Using Leonardo AI

Leonardo primarily aims to create top-tier game assets and concept art, yet its platform boasts impressive features like a sleek web interface, integrated image editor, and a dynamic prompt generator.
What truly sets Leonardo apart is its approach to image modeling.
While many AI image platforms leverage base models such as Stable Diffusion and DALL-E, Leonardo employs finely-tuned models. Upon logging into Leonardo, you're greeted with an array of featured models. These models serve as foundational templates to guide the style of images you intend to generate.
Simply pick a model that aligns with your desired style and start crafting AI images using your custom prompts.

Unveil New Creative Horizons with Fine-tuned Models

DreamShaper v7

Lykon returns with a fresh update. This version excels in various unique styles.

SDXL 0.9

The most recent Stable Diffusion model is now in Beta phase.

3D Animation Style

Expertly captures 3D cinematic atmospheres, adept at depicting intricate scenes with vibrant colors. It's time to storyboard!

Absolute Reality v1.6

Lykon presents a photorealistic style model, excelling in various facets of photorealism.

Leonardo Diffusion

Cac0e presents a model that showcases remarkable shading and contrast, adept in both photographic and artistic renditions.

DreamShaper v6

Lykon delivers an updated model known for its remarkable versatility, proficient in capturing both human subjects and landscapes.

Deliberate 1.1

XpucT's dynamic model excels in delivering both photorealistic and artistic renditions.

Vintage Style Photography

This model produces imagery reminiscent of vintage film cameras, capturing a broad spectrum of nostalgic styles.

DreamShaper 3.2

Lykon's model excels in various portrait styles and artistic backdrops.

RPG 4.0

Craft endearing spirit characters, from fairy-tale beings to legendary creatures.


For optimal results, maintain the Guidance Scale between 3-11.

Paper art style

Paper art style.

Ilustration V2

This is a new model designed for diverse artistic and illustrative styles.

Spirit Creatures

Craft enchanting characters, from fairy-inspired beings to legendary creatures, and bring adorable spirit personas to life.

Character Portraits

A model designed to craft compelling RPG characters across diverse classes with a uniform style.

Isometric Fantasy

Design a variety of isometric fantasy settings. For optimal results, add "3d vray render, isometric" and set the guidance scale to 6. If you encounter issues, consider the negative pro.

Isometric Scifi Buildings

Expertly crafts sci-fi buildings with diverse themes. Add "isometric" to your instruction for an isometric perspective. Including "3d vray render" enhances the outcome.

Cute Animal Characters

Ideal for crafting endearing and charming animal characters with delightful and fun designs.


Generate a diverse array of intricate and distinctive shield designs, accommodating a vast spectrum of material types.

Magic Items

Craft an array of enchanting items, from weapons and shields to boots and tomes. Exceptionally adaptable.

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