Leonardo AI vs. Midjourney: Top 5 Reasons to Decide Which AI Suits You Best

Top 5 Distinct Advantages of Leonardo AI. Dive into a comprehensive comparison between Leonardo AI and Midjourney, two leading AI image generation tools, and discover why Leonardo AI holds the upper hand

In the realm of AI-driven art creation, Leonardo AI and Midjourney stand out as two of the most innovative platforms. Both have transformed how artists, designers, and creatives approach digital artwork, each offering unique features and artistic styles that cater to different preferences and needs. This detailed comparison between Leonardo AI and Midjourney will delve into their capabilities, design aesthetics, usability, community engagement, and pricing structures, helping you decide which platform best suits your artistic ambitions.

Swift Assessment

Reasons to Opt for Leonardo AI over Midjourney:

Leonardo AI features a more user-friendly interface, providing a seamless experience all in one platform, as opposed to Midjourney’s reliance on Discord, which can introduce usability challenges. In Midjourney, accessing your creations requires using the Midjourney App, whereas Leonardo AI consolidates all functionalities into a single, integrated interface.

Reasons to Choose Midjourney over Leonardo AI:

Midjourney is renowned for its consistent output quality. While Leonardo AI often requires the use of negative prompts to refine results, Midjourney excels in delivering high-quality images right off the bat, without the need for such specifications. Although Leonardo AI allows for extensive control over the creative process, it demands precise prompts and manual adjustments. Conversely, Midjourney offers a smoother creation process with fewer requirements for input precision, despite some inherent limitations.

Comparison of Leonardo AI and Midjourney

This comparison highlights the strengths and unique aspects of both Leonardo AI and Midjourney, helping users determine which platform best suits their artistic and functional needs.

Leonardo AI and Midjourney: Origins and Audiences

Leonardo AI emerged from research laboratories where experts were keen on extending the capabilities of AI. Originally crafted to revolutionize image creation, it soon became synonymous with innovation in the field.

On November 27, 2023, AWS announced that Leonardo AI, hailing from Australia, processes approximately 4.5 million images daily on their cloud infrastructure.

Since December 2022, users of the Leonardo AI tool have produced over 700 million pieces of AI art and developed more than 400,000 tailored AI models.

Midjourney, Inc., established by David Holz in San Francisco on July 12, 2022, reflects Holz's entrepreneurial spirit which dates back to his high school days when he ran a design business.

Today, Midjourney boasts a user base exceeding 16 million, indicating its widespread popularity in the art generation community. The platform consistently sees daily active users ranging between 1.2 and 2.5 million.

Understanding the Functionality of Leonardo AI and Midjourney

Leonardo AI and Midjourney harness the power of AI and creativity to transform textual input into artistic creations. Both platforms utilize a diffusion process that incorporates advanced generative AI and machine learning technologies.

To ensure optimal performance with Leonardo AI and Midjourney, a robust internet connection is essential, regardless of the device being used. A weak internet connection can hinder the full utilization of their features and disrupt the saving of your work.

01.Pricing Comparison: Leonardo AI vs. Midjourney

As we evaluate Leonardo AI and Midjourney, let's begin with a comparative analysis of their pricing structures.

Leonardo AI Pricing Plans

Leonardo AI Pricing Plans

Image credit: leonardo.ai

Leonardo AI offers several pricing tiers tailored to different usage needs. Here's a breakdown:

  • Free Plan: Create up to 150 images per day.
  • Apprentice Plan: $10 per month for 8,500 images.
  • Artisan Plan: $24 per month for 25,000 images.
  • Maestro Plan: $48 per month for 60,000 images.

Leonardo AI also features a Pricing Plan Calculator that helps estimate API credit usage based on various parameters like image size and quality. For example, generating four images at 512x512 resolution costs 11 API credits.
Estimated costs for different setups include:

SDXL Model + Alchemy v2 (Leonardo Diffusion XL):
  • 4 images, 512 x 512 -> 24 credits
  • 4 images, 1024 x 1024 -> 66 credits
PhotoReal v1 + Alchemy v1
  • 4 images, 512 x 512 -> 23 credits
  • 4 images, 1024 x 1024 -> 63 credits
SD Model + Alchemy v1 (DreamShaper v7):
  • 4 images, 512 x 512 -> 16 credits
  • 4 images, 1024 x 1024 -> 44 credits

Midjourney Pricing Plans

Midjourney offers four premium subscription levels, with the option to pay monthly or annually (a 20% discount is applied to annual payments). Each plan includes various features such as access to a gallery, a Discord server, and commercial usage rights:

Leonardo AI Pricing Plans

Image credit: https://docs.midjourney.com/docs/plans

Basic Plan
  • Monthly: $10 | Annual: $96 ($8/month)
  • Fast GPU Time: 3.3 hours per month
Standard Plan
  • Monthly: $30 | Annual: $288 ($24/month)
  • Fast GPU Time: 15 hours per month
  • Unlimited Relax GPU Time
Pro Plan
  • Monthly: $60 | Annual: $576 ($48/month)
  • Fast GPU Time: 30 hours per month
  • Stealth Mode
Mega Plan
  • Monthly: $120 | Annual: $1152 ($96/month)
  • Fast GPU Time: 60 hours per month
  • Stealth Mode and increased concurrent job capacity

Verdict on Pricing

Leonardo AI emerges as a more attractive option in terms of pricing, particularly because it offers a completely free plan and more cost-effective premium options compared to Midjourney. While Midjourney does provide a promotional code for discounts, it still doesn't match the overall affordability of Leonardo AI's pricing structure.

02.Leonardo AI vs. Midjourney: User-Friendly Interface Comparison

A critical aspect of choosing the right AI art tool is the user interface, which significantly impacts usability. Let’s examine how Leonardo AI and Midjourney stack up in terms of interface design.

Leonardo AI Interface

Leonardo AI is celebrated for its sleek and intuitive user interface. The design is straightforward, making it exceptionally easy to access and use all available options. It's particularly friendly for those who may not be technologically savvy, ensuring that users of all skill levels can navigate the platform with ease. The default dark theme of the UI is modern and stylish, though the option to switch to a light mode would be a welcomed addition for users who prefer a brighter interface.

Leonardo AI Interface

Image credit: leonardo.ai

Midjourney Interface

Midjourney utilizes the Discord platform for its interface, which integrates the tool within a broader community environment. This setup is excellent for fostering community engagement and allows users to easily share and discuss their creations. However, for users unfamiliar with Discord, there can be a steep learning curve. It requires adapting to a new platform, which might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer a more traditional, standalone application for their creative projects. That said, for those already comfortable with Discord, Midjourney offers a seamless experience that integrates social interaction directly with the creative process.

Midjourney Interface

Image credit: midjourney.com

Leonardo AI vs. Midjourney User Interface Verdict

The choice between Leonardo AI and Midjourney's interfaces depends largely on personal preference and your comfort with certain platforms. If you value a straightforward, stand-alone app with a clean and simple interface, Leonardo AI is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you thrive in a community-driven environment and are familiar with or open to using Discord, Midjourney’s interface might be more suitable for you.

03.Leonardo AI vs Midjourney: Feature Comparison

Let’s delve into the features offered by Leonardo AI and Midjourney to see how each platform supports its users in creating AI-driven artwork.

Leonardo AI Features

Leonardo AI excels in allowing users to create personalized data sets and models from their own photos, enhancing the customization and relevance of generated images. This platform is particularly user-friendly, helping artists achieve precise artistic outputs. Here are some notable features of Leonardo AI:

  • Personalized Model Training: Tailor the AI to your specific artistic style by training it with your datasets.
  • Wide Selection of Models: Access a variety of pre-tuned models that are ready to create high-quality, detailed images.
  • Early Access Program: Join the early-access program to try out new features, provide feedback, and influence the development of the platform.
  • Comprehensive Training Tools: Effective training tools are critical for refining the AI to produce the desired artistic results.
  • Core Features
    • AI Canvas: A versatile workspace for creating and manipulating images.
    • Dataset Management: Organize and utilize your datasets for training the AI.
    • Artwork Sharing: Easily share your creations with a community or on social media.
    • Consistency: Achieve uniform style and quality across your outputs.
    • Output Direction: Direct the AI to focus on specific aspects of your artistic vision.
Leonardo AI Features

Image credit: leonardo.ai

Midjourney Features

Midjourney is renowned for transforming text descriptions into images and offers a wide range of stylistic outputs from realistic to abstract. Key features include:

  • Versatile Style Generation: Create images in a variety of styles, including realistic, surreal, and abstract.
  • Customization Options: Extensive control over image size, aspect ratio, and resolution.
  • Outpainting: Expand beyond the original edges of images to create larger compositions.
  • Background Removal: Replace or remove the backgrounds of images with ease.
  • Object Recognition: Identify and modify specific elements within images.
  • High Resolution: Supports generating images up to 1,792 x 1,024 pixels, ensuring detailed outputs.

Leonardo AI vs Midjourney Features Verdict

While both platforms offer powerful features, Midjourney provides a broader range of artistic manipulation tools and higher flexibility in image styles and resolutions, which might be more appealing to users who need extensive control over their creative outputs. Therefore, for those looking for advanced customization and diverse stylistic capabilities, Midjourney may be the preferred choice. However, for users prioritizing a personalized and intuitive AI training experience, Leonardo AI holds strong appeal. The best choice depends on your specific needs and the type of art you wish to create.

04.Leonardo AI vs Midjourney: Output Result Comparison

The final comparison between Leonardo AI and Midjourney focuses on the output results from each platform, which is crucial for users depending on their specific project needs.

Leonardo AI Output Results

Generating an image in Leonardo AI involves selecting the "Image Generation" option, where you can input a detailed prompt describing your desired picture. Here's how you can maximize your results with Leonardo AI:

  • Art Style Selection: Choose an art style for your prompt, such as "a giant grasshopper sipping wine in Renoir’s style."
  • Model Selection: After generating initial images, you can switch models, such as "Leonardo Diffusion XL" to "Pastel Dream" or "Animation Style," to see different artistic outputs.
  • Element Addition: Enhance your image by adding elements from the "Add Elements" dropdown, like "Coloring Book" or "Vintage Christmas Illustration."
  • Use of Negative Prompts: Specify what you don’t want in the image, such as a grasshopper without wings, to refine the results.
  • Advanced Settings: Adjust settings like "PhotoReal" for realistic textures, "Depth of Field," and manual sizing under "Advanced Controls" for precise dimensions.

Leonardo AI allows for extensive customization, enabling users to tweak many aspects of the image generation process for tailored results.

Midjourney Output Results

Midjourney operates through Discord and begins by entering a channel typically named “#newbies-” to start the image creation process. Here’s what Midjourney offers:

  • Initial Generation: The AI responds to your prompt by creating four initial images.
  • Customization Options: Use the U buttons (U1-U4) to enhance image details or V buttons (V1-V4) for different versions of your image.
  • Re-roll Feature: You can rerun the command to generate a new set of images if the first batch isn’t satisfactory.
  • Parameter Adjustments: Fine-tune your image by adding parameters to change aspects like aspect ratios or upscaling methods.
  • Image Prompts: Start with an image by linking directly in your prompt for more directed results.

Midjourney excels in providing a user-friendly, community-driven approach with flexible image manipulation tools.

Leonardo AI vs Midjourney Output Results Verdict

Both Leonardo AI and Midjourney excel in delivering high-quality images, with each platform offering unique strengths. Leonardo AI provides detailed control over the artistic process, ideal for users who need specific stylistic adjustments. Midjourney offers a more streamlined, community-centric approach, suitable for those who enjoy experimenting within a dynamic environment.

The choice between the two depends on your preference for detailed control versus ease of use and community interaction. Both platforms are capable of surprising users with exceptional AI-generated art, especially when detailed prompts and settings are utilized.

05.Leonardo AI vs Midjourney: User Feedback Comparison

Next, we will explore how users of Leonardo AI and Midjourney feel about their experiences with each platform, focusing on user feedback from various review sources.

Leonardo AI User Feedback

On Trustpilot, Leonardo AI has a mix of reviews, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses as per user experiences:

Aggregate Ratings:
  • Trustpilot: 2.9/5 (24 votes)
  • Slashprompt: 5/5 (42 votes)
  • App Store Review: 4.8/5 (2,069 votes)

Midjourney User Feedback

On Trustpilot, Midjourney’s feedback points to some critical operational and customer service issues:

Aggregate Ratings:
  • Trustpilot: 1.8/5 (152 votes)
  • Product Hunt: 4.5/5 (86 votes)
  • G2: 4.4/5 (82 votes)

Leonardo AI vs Midjourney User Feedback Verdict

Considering the range of user feedback and aggregate ratings, Leonardo AI appears to edge out Midjourney in terms of user satisfaction. While Leonardo AI users highlight a robust feature set and responsive customer support, Midjourney users often cite significant issues with billing, account management, and customer service. Thus, Leonardo AI is generally favored for its user-friendly approach and reliable service compared to Midjourney.

Freemium and Premium Options

When venturing into a new AI platform, it's natural for users to seek a complimentary trial to gauge its efficacy. While Midjourney once provided a gratis entry point, they later phased it out, attributing the change to overwhelming demand. This shift necessitates a paid subscription for newcomers to explore Midjourney's AI offerings.

In contrast, Leonardo AI prominently promotes a 'free forever' approach on their homepage, permitting users to relish their standard services at no cost. This includes the generous provision to craft up to 150 images daily at no charge, making it a go-to for individual enthusiasts. For enterprises with larger imaging needs, Leonardo AI extends premium subscription options.

Midjourney vs Leonardo AI

Image credit: leonardo.ai


While both AI platforms are navigating their beta phases, Leonardo AI stands out in terms of accessibility and user experience. Engaging with Leonardo AI feels akin to mingling within a digital community of image enthusiasts. The platform exudes a communal, web-app ambiance, enabling enthusiasts to track their favorite creators and delve into trending image streams.

In contrast, Midjourney has tethered its image generation exclusively to their Discord server. This tethering may not resonate with every user, particularly those with data constraints. Traversing Midjourney's Discord channel can be a data-intensive affair. Leonardo AI, with its more intuitive interface, facilitates a smoother exploration of AI-generated images without the worry of data depletion.

To dive into Leonardo AI's dashboard and its powerful image generation tools, one can seamlessly navigate with the assistance of the comprehensive guide dedicated to Leonardo AI's utilization.

Midjourney vs Leonardo AI

Image credit: leonardo.ai

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