Leonardo AI 101
Image Generation Basics

Unlock your creative potential with Leonardo AI! Dive into image generation basics and learn how to create stunning visuals using detailed prompts, real-time canvas tools, and advanced features. Start your AI-powered artistic journey today!

Image Generation Basics

Navigate to the Image Generation section on the Leonardo app homepage to get started.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Enter a Detailed Prompt
  • Describe your desired output in detail.
  • Use the Prompt Improver on the right side of the prompt box to enhance your prompt.
  • Choose from various presets to apply specific styles or dive into advanced settings for fine-tuning.
Take Control with Image Guidance
  • Character Reference: Upload an image to maintain consistent character details across multiple generations.
  • Style Reference: Define your aesthetic by providing a style reference.
  • Content Reference: Ensure your composition aligns with your vision by uploading a content reference.
  • Access these options from the Image Guidance menu on the left side of the prompt box.
Sketch-to-Image with Realtime Canvas
  • Enter a prompt and start sketching on the Realtime Canvas.
  • Watch as the AI instantly transforms your drawings into images.
  • Adjust your brush strokes, and see the AI-generated output adapt in real-time for instant feedback and endless creative possibilities.
Enhance Image Quality with Universal Upscaler
  • Refine your images and create high-resolution outputs with the Universal Upscaler.
  • Upload an image or select one from your Personal Feed.
  • Tweak Creativity Strength and Upscale Multiplier to control the artistic intensity and size of the final image.
  • Hit Generate, and the Universal Upscaler will deliver sharp, print-ready results suitable for any professional or personal project.
Add Motion to Your Images
  • Create dynamic videos by adding motion to your images.
  • In the Image Generation tool, click the motion icon to access the settings.
  • Adjust the motion strength to control the amount of movement.
  • Hit Generate to bring your image to life.

These features make the Leonardo app a powerful tool for generating high-quality, creative images tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are refining sketches, upscaling images, or adding motion, the app provides comprehensive tools to enhance your creative projects.

Craft Your Next Masterpiece Using the Power of Leonardo AI

Embrace the power of AI and start creating with Leonardo today. Discover a world where creativity knows no bounds, and where your vision can become a stunning reality with just a few clicks. Join the Leonardo AI revolution and transform the way you create!

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