How Core3D uses Leonardo to Streamline Design and Manufacturing

In the dynamic world of fashion and design, the integration of innovative technologies can dramatically alter how products are created and delivered. A prime example of this technological adoption is Core3D's use of Leonardo AI to streamline the design and manufacturing of 3D printed fashion. This article explores Core3D's journey from concept to delivery, leveraging the advanced capabilities of Leonardo AI to transform the fashion design landscape.

Introducing Core3D: Pioneers in 3D Design

Core3D has set its sights on democratizing 3D design with a comprehensive suite of online tools. Their latest breakthrough, the Design Assistant, is a testament to their commitment to innovation. By integrating AI-generated art creation, 3D modeling, and manufacturing into a seamless workflow, Core3D has not only simplified the design process but has also enhanced the creative freedom of its users.

Through their strategic collaboration with Leonardo.Ai, Core3D has empowered designers to convert AI-generated artwork into bespoke 3D clothing designs ready for printing. This fusion of art and technology enables a smooth transition from a nascent idea to a tangible, wearable product.

Addressing the Challenge of Limited Design Choices

Historically, participants at 3D printing events faced a significant limitation: the choice of designs was restricted to generic, pre-existing templates. While the quality of these prints was generally high, there lacked a personal touch that could make each piece truly special and impactful.

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Implementing Core3D's Innovative Solution

To address this issue, Core3D's Design Assistant, enhanced by Leonardo AI, introduced a revolutionary method of on-demand printing. Gwan Yip, CEO and Co-founder of Core3D, notes, "Leonardo simplifies the process while preserving the adaptability essential for generative AI in enterprise businesses." At various events, participants could now use specific prompts to generate their own graphics in real-time through Core3D's Production API.

This level of customization, enabled by integrating image generation directly into their platform, allowed users to create designs that resonated more personally with them. These designs were then immediately printed on-site at conferences, providing attendees with a unique and personalized keepsake from the event.

Beyond Standard Templates: Personalized Fashion on Demand

The traditional reliance on standard templates was eschewed in favor of generating designs that reflected personal tastes and preferences, utilizing Leonardo's state-of-the-art image generation pipelines such as Alchemy. The results were not only remarkable in terms of aesthetic appeal but also in how they engaged users in the creative process.

Thanks to Leonardo's powerful API, which managed the AI art creation, Core3D succeeded in delivering an unforgettable, VIP experience at every event. Attendees left not just with a piece of clothing but with a garment that had a profound personal connection—over 60 unique t-shirts were produced in just 2 hours at one event alone.

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