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How Core3D uses Leonardo to Streamline Design and Manufacturing

We're passionate about showcasing the creative integration of Leonardo.Ai by various companies into their products and operations.
In this feature, we explore how Core3D harnessed our platform for producing 3D printed fashion on demand. We cover the entire journey from the initial concept and design to the final delivery, all driven by Leonardo.Ai.

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Introducing Core 3D

Core3D aims to democratize 3D design with their array of online tools. Their latest innovation, Design Assistant, integrates AI art creation, 3D modeling, and manufacturing into a cohesive workflow.
Through their collaboration with Leonardo.Ai, Core3D has empowered users to transform AI-generated art into bespoke 3D clothing designs, primed for printing. This partnership simplifies the transition from initial idea to tangible product.

Addressing the Challenge

The Issue at Hand: During 3D printing events, participants usually have to choose from a limited selection of pre-existing, generic designs to experiment with the printers. While the quality of the prints is recognized, there's a desire for designs that carry a more personal significance and impact.

Leonardo AI 3D printing events

Implementing the Solution

Core3D's Design Assistant, enhanced by Leonardo.Ai, introduced an innovative on-demand printing method.

Gwan Yip, CEO and Co-founder of Core3D, stated, “Leonardo simplifies the process while preserving the adaptability essential for generative AI in enterprise businesses.”

At events, participants were able to generate their own graphics in real-time using specific prompts through our Production API. By incorporating image generation into their platform, Core3D enabled a level of customization that resonated more meaningfully with users.

These designs were then instantly printed on-site at the conference, offering attendees a unique and personal keepsake from the event.

Leonardo AI Core3D's Design Assistant

Our models, rather than relying on standard templates, generated designs that mirrored personal tastes, utilizing our state-of-the-art image generation pipelines such as Alchemy to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Thanks to Leonardo's API, which managed the AI art creation, Core3D succeeded in delivering an unforgettable, VIP experience. Guests departed the event wearing t-shirts that they felt a profound attachment to, with more than 60 shirts produced in a mere 2 hours.

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