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Prompt Magic v3

Leonardo Prompt Magic v3, the latest premium addition to the Leonardo creative suite, redefines your artistic process. This advanced pipeline guarantees improved fidelity to your prompts, superior image resolution, and enriched results with any chosen model, elevating your artwork to new levels of excellence.

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About Prompt Magic v3:

Prompt Magic v3, an exclusive feature, boosts the performance of your chosen model but requires Alchemy to be enabled.
  1. User-Friendly: PMv3 shines with brief prompts, ideal for achieving precise effects or closer alignment with your creative intentions.
  2. Enhanced Personalization: For intricate prompts, Raw Mode is your go-to. Activate it for an optimized, detailed prompting experience.
  3. Control Over Influence: The Prompt Magic strength setting lets you dictate the impact of PMv3 on your final image. Increasing the value amplifies its effect.


Prompt Magic v3 streamlines the image creation process, offering intuitive control over your prompts for a seamless artistic exploration free from technical complexities.
Leanado AI - Prompt Magic v3 Benefits

How to Use Leonardo Prompt Magic v3

To utilize PMv3, first switch on Alchemy, then go to the Prompt Magic Toggle. Remember, PMv3 will only work with Alchemy active. Adjust the influence of PMv3 with the Prompt Magic Strength slider. For longer and more detailed prompts, engage Raw Mode.
How to Use Leonardo Prompt Magic v3

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I use Prompt Magic v3? Employ it for novel ideas or when you're aiming for heightened fidelity to your prompts. Scenarios such as "a mammoth strolling through Moscow's thoroughfares" or "a burger with monstrous features devouring itself" are perfect examples.
  2. Can I use Prompt Magic with PhotoReal? Turning on Prompt Magic will, by design, switch off PhotoReal to ensure optimal functionality of each separate pipeline.
  3. How much does it cost to use Prompt Magic v3? 1 image = 16 tokens.
  4. What does the BETA phase mean for users? Prompt Magic v3 is in an ongoing development stage. While it's operational, users may see periodic updates as we refine and enhance its features.
 Leanado AI Prompt V3 FAQ

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