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Leonardo PhotoReal, an exceptional pipeline feature, has recently introduced new Finetuned Models, even while in its beta phase. It's capable of generating realistic portraits and photographs that closely mimic real life.
Seamlessly integrating with the Alchemy pipeline, PhotoReal does not require finetuned models or negative prompts to operate effectively. With Leonardo.Ai PhotoReal, creating stunningly detailed and lifelike photographs becomes an effortless process.
Let's delve into how you can harness the full potential of this impressive tool

Launched on August 11, 2023, Leonardo PhotoReal is the latest premium feature within the Leonardo creative suite. This cutting-edge pipeline is meticulously engineered for enthusiasts and professionals desiring hyper-realistic and cinematic photographic results. As a fine-tuned model, PhotoReal specializes in producing visuals that not only exhibit photorealism but also artistically embody realism across diverse themes.

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Prepare to blur the boundaries between digital and physical realms with your photos, as we unveil another groundbreaking tool from leonardo.ai. Introducing Leonardo ai PhotoReal, a revolutionary feature that transforms simple prompts into strikingly lifelike photographs.

With options like Cinematic, Vibrant, or Creative modes, Leonardo ai PhotoReal elevates your images to astounding levels of realism. It’s important to note that while using the PhotoReal tool, access to Leonardo.ai’s Finetuned Models won’t be available. The process remains consistent, whether you’re using PhotoReal via the Leonardo AI Image Generation platform or incorporating it with the Leonardo.ai Prompt Generator.

Let's dive into this innovative feature and discover the new heights it can take your image creation.

Innovative feature and discover the new heights

  1. Photoreal Technology Unveiled: Leonardo.Ai's Photoreal technology marks a significant advancement in creating hyper-realistic images and videos. Leveraging deep learning, neural networks, and cutting-edge algorithms, this technology produces visuals that effectively diminish the divide between digital and physical realities.
  2. Transitioning from Pixels to Photorealism: Traditional computer-generated imagery (CGI) has often struggled to capture the subtle intricacies of reality. Photoreal technology by Leonardo.Ai transcends these limitations, enabling digital creations to mirror the detail, texture, and authenticity found in the natural world.
  3. Wide-Ranging Industry Applications: The scope of Photoreal technology stretches across various sectors. It's a transformative tool for gaming, entertainment, architectural visualization, automotive design, and medical simulations, providing each industry with the realism that was once unattainable.
  4. Transforming Entertainment: In cinema and gaming, Photoreal technology redefines the user experience. It promises moviegoers and gamers more immersive experiences with environments and characters that are virtually indistinguishable from reality.
  5. Revolutionizing Architecture: Architects and designers can utilize Photoreal to visualize projects with an extraordinary level of precision. This technology enables photorealistic renderings that facilitate better design choices and a stronger connection to architectural concepts.
  6. Enhancing Training and Simulations: Photoreal's impact on training and simulation is profound. Medical students can practice on lifelike virtual models, while pilots can train in ultra-realistic simulators, elevating the efficacy of experiential learning.
  7. Navigating Ethical Terrain: The advent of Photoreal technology brings essential ethical considerations to the fore. It challenges our perceptions of art and reality, prompting a vital discourse on AI's responsible usage in visual creativity.
  8. Redefining Digital Creativity:With its Photoreal technology, Leonardo.Ai propels us into a future where the limits of creativity are constantly being reimagined. It empowers artists, designers, and innovators to expand their horizons, daring them to explore beyond the conventional boundaries of digital expression.

Key Points about PhotoReal:

  1. Premium Offering: As a top-tier, refined model, PhotoReal represents the zenith of premium features. Upon activation, it takes precedence by automatically turning off Prompt Magic V3. Please note that this model is currently in its Beta testing stage.
  2. Creative Presets: Select from an array of artistic presets like Cinematic, Creative, and Vibrant to fulfill your unique creative intentions.
  3. Advanced Customization: Engage with the feature-rich landscape of customization options, including the versatile Raw Mode and a nuanced Depth of Field effect.
  4. Alchemy and the PhotoReal feature empower users to craft hyper-realistic images and portraits with professional-grade rendering, making visuals stand out impressively.
  5. Using a prompt like 'create a photorealistic image of a superhero named Luminara' in Leonardo AI can yield captivating and visually striking results.
  6. The application of AI in creating holographic images for Supercar design illustrates the technology's versatility and expansive creative scope.
  7. The 'Mid Journey' prompt demonstrates remarkable effectiveness and adaptability across different AI applications.
  8. PhotoReal's innovation simplifies the creative workflow, reducing the need for complex prompts and still delivering extraordinary visual outputs.
  9. Leonardo AI's prompt generator enables users to input a theme or keyword, such as 'a realistic photo of a superhero at night,' and automatically presents various style options for that prompt.
  10. The AI model's ability to produce a photorealistic image of a superhero at night showcases its exceptional capability, resulting in fantastic imagery.
  11. The lifelike and visually stunning portraits crafted by Leonardo AI PhotoReal highlight the technology's impressive prowess in image generation.

The Beta period has been instrumental in fine-tuning the settings for optimal performance, eliminating the necessity for negative prompts to refine outputs.

PhotoReal Presets

PhotoReal offers a selection of four distinct presets. The 'Cinematic' preset excels in producing lifelike portraits, 'Vibrant' is ideal for creating dynamic and lively photos, and 'Creative' specializes in photorealistic imagery. The 'None' preset is adept at generating images with a realistic touch.
Many artists favor the results from the 'Cinematic PhotoReal' preset. To illustrate how each preset performs, they will all be applied to the same prompt: a mermaid underwater, amidst fantastical, bioluminescent coral, in a cyberpunk setting with neon lights, purples, and blues, envisioned in Aquavision at 8K resolution.
Let's proceed to test each of these presets and observe the differences in their outputs.

PhotoReal Cinematic

For images requiring a realistic cinematic outcome, opt for the Cinematic option as it specializes in delivering results with a cinematic quality.

PhotoReal Cinematic image

PhotoReal Vibrant

By applying the Vibrant PhotoReal option to the same prompt, you'll notice in the comparison that this option adds a vibrant quality to your image

PhotoReal Vibrant image

PhotoReal Creative

Using the Creative PhotoReal option infuses your artwork with enhanced creativity.

PhotoReal Creative image

PhotoReal None

Should you prefer not to use any of the aforementioned options, you can select the 'None' option.

PhotoReal None image


PhotoReal streamlines the creation of lifelike ai images by removing the intricacies of prompt engineering. Users are empowered to simply describe their desired outcome, and the model adeptly manages the intricate details to realize the vision.

How to Use Leonardo PhotoReal

Turning On PhotoReal: Access PhotoReal on the Image Generation page or locate it under Featured Models for activation. Additionally, you have the option to "remix" using this model.
Choosing Your Style: Select from the available preset styles, or explore more nuanced customization features for a distinctive artistic expression.
Prompting the Model: You can initiate with straightforward prompts or explore more complex ones tailored to your specific creative objectives.

  1. Go to Ai Image Generation: On the Leonardo.ai homepage, look for the 'AI Image Generation' feature. Click on this to access the PhotoReal tool
  2. Go to Ai Image Generation
  3. Activate Alchemy: To utilize PhotoReal, ensure that Alchemy is enabled first. Therefore, you need to turn on Alchemy.
  4. Activate Alchemy
  5. Activating the PhotoReal Feature: Select the 'PhotoReal Option' located on the left side and switch it to the 'On' position.
  6. Activating the PhotoReal Feature
  7. Input Your Prompt: Proceed to type your desired prompt into the 'Prompt typing box'
  8. Input Your Prompt
  9. Selecting PhotoReal Presets: After activating 'PhotoReal,' it's important to note that selection of any Finetuned model is not available. PhotoReal offers its own range of presets including Cinematic, Vibrant, Creative, and None. Select the most suitable PhotoReal preset that aligns with your prompt's requirements.
  10. Selecting PhotoReal Presets
  11. Initiate Image Generation: Adjust your Image Settings as needed and then click on the 'Generate' button.
  12. Initiate Image Generation
  13. Viewing the Outcome: Observe that using the Leonardo.ai PhotoReal tool maintains high image quality, resulting in a natural-looking image.
  14. Viewing the Outcome

Prompts for Leonardo ai PhotoReal

Leonardo Cinematic Preset

Prompt 1

A goddess rises tall, a perfect balance of power and elegance; she stands in an ethereal environment, cloaked in beautiful fabrics that tell legends of vanished empires.

Leonardo Cinematic Preset Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Victor Thornfield, Librarian, blue eyes, sleek hair, deep-seated fear of water, remote lighthouse, history of maritime disasters

Leonardo Cinematic Preset Prompt 2

Prompt 3

Old Ninh Binh ink painting, shrine, highly detailed muted lovely picture. Atmospheric lighting, wet and dry brush methods, elegant, stunning, outstanding detail Haze, and low-lying clouds.

Leonardo Cinematic Preset Prompt 3

Prompt 4

Gravity-defying towers, interconnected bridges, waterfalls, organic aura, luminescent plants, blues and purples, dynamic shot, wide-angle lens

Leonardo Cinematic Preset Prompt 4

Leonardo Creative Preset

Prompt 1

A deity discord of a cosmic conflict glows with bright colors, an unearthly mix of cosmic power and flaming anger. Galaxies flash in bursts of vibrant color in the background as galaxies twirl in turbulent dance.

Leonardo Creative Preset Prompt 1

Prompt 2

A group of Bikers IN Action performs an exhilarating activity, a colorful synth-wave-inspired cityscape, sleek design, and neon embellishments on the bike, a scene of movement and adventure.

Leonardo Creative Preset Prompt 2

Prompt 3

Photography that is soft and dreamlike captured with a blend of natural light and post-processing techniques to enhance the scene’s softness and warmth.

Leonardo Creative Preset Prompt 3

Prompt 4

Crystal labyrinth, sky theme, ethereal, crystal bridge, enchanting, moonlit glow, shimmering silver and aqua, AstraShot, crane shot

Leonardo Creative Preset Prompt 4

Leonardo Vibrant Preset

Prompt 1

a vibrant young woman image with beautiful grace and hazel eyes that appear to hold the knowledge of centuries, beautiful characteristics, wonderfully lighted by the setting sun’s warm, golden rays, and luxuriant garden with flowers.

Leonardo Vibrant Preset Prompt 1

Prompt 2

The captivating moment of a biker leaning into a fast turn on a twisting road is captured in this shot.

Leonardo Vibrant Preset Prompt 2

Prompt 3

gardens, finely planted nature architectural beauty. The warm glow of the setting sun illuminates the area, producing intricate shadows and displaying the garden’s beautiful symmetry.

Leonardo Vibrant Preset Prompt 3

Prompt 4

tree spires, intertwined bridges, mythical hangings, soft candlelight, earthy greens and warm browns, slow dolly shot

Leonardo Vibrant Preset Prompt 4

Leonardo Ai None Preset

Prompt 1

A tiny butterfly perches on a dew-kissed rose petal in this lovely image. The beautiful, golden glow of the early sun highlights the delicate patterns on the butterfly’s wings.

Leonardo Ai None Preset Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Luminescent meadow, twilight setting, firefly-lit grove, whimsical, gentle moonlight, pastel pinks and purples, prime lens

Leonardo Ai None Preset Prompt 2

Prompt 3

Enigmatic visage, dimly lit, tattoos, tribal, candlelit shadows, macro lens

Leonardo Ai None Preset Prompt 3

Prompt 4

Cottage settled in the hills, nostalgic, covered walls, cozy, warm hearthlight, rustic browns and aged whites

Leonardo Ai None Preset Prompt 4

Platform Updates & Improvements

Introducing Two Novel Models:Our collection of creative instruments now includes two exceptional models. RPGv5 arrives as a highly anticipated tool tailored for crafting detailed RPG characters, complete with immersive shadows and layers. Meanwhile, the Pastel Anime Styling model offers a nostalgic embrace with its gentle pastel hues and distinctive anime-inspired aesthetic.

Quality of Life Improvements

We've enhanced the user interface for Prompt Magic and Alchemy settings for a smoother experience.
The much-anticipated functionality to toggle the visibility of AI-generated images between public and private is now live. Users can quickly discern the privacy status of their creations via the icon displayed at the top right corner of each image on the AI generation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use Prompt Magic with PhotoReal?

The design has been purposefully crafted to enhance PhotoReal's performance.

How much does it cost to use PhotoReal?

1 = 16 tokens.

What does the BETA phase mean for users?

PhotoReal is still under development. While it's operational and ready to use, ongoing enhancements and updates are expected as development progresses.

How does the 'Cinematic PhotoReal' option stand out from others?

The 'Cinematic PhotoReal' is often the choice of artists seeking realistic cinematic effects while maintaining high image quality.

Where can I find the PhotoReal preset?

Access to the PhotoReal presets is available through Leonardo.ai's various paid versions or membership plans.

Does the absence of PhotoReal in Leonardo.ai's free version limit creativity?

Although the free version doesn't include the PhotoReal option, Leonardo.ai still offers various other features to foster creativity and enhance your artwork.

Is it possible to opt out of specific PhotoReal options?

Yes, you can select 'None' if you prefer not to use any of the predetermined styles and wish to retain your image’s original characteristics.

Does choosing 'None' compromise the image's quality or realism?

Opting for the 'None' preset in Leonardo.ai PhotoReal does not diminish the image’s quality or realism. This choice allows you to maintain the natural attributes of your image without applying any pre-set styles.

What is the core concept of the video?

The primary focus of the video is showcasing how Leonardo AI's latest update, PhotoReal, enables users to produce realistic photos and portraits effortlessly. This update eliminates the need for negative prompts and offers customization in terms of subject matter and style.

How can photorealistic images be generated using Leonardo AI?

To create photorealistic images in Leonardo AI, simply input your desired prompt and select the PhotoReal option.

What types of artwork can be created with Leonardo AI's prompt generator?

Leonardo AI's prompt generator allows you to craft a wide range of impressive and varied artworks. It provides customization capabilities for both the subject matter and the artistic style of the output.

Is it possible to use the same prompt across different AI applications?

Indeed, the same prompt can be effectively used in both Leonardo AI and Mid Journey, demonstrating their versatility and capability in rendering holographic-like appearances.

How can I create lifelike images with minimal effort in prompts?

Lifelike images can be easily achieved in Leonardo AI by utilizing realistic props from its database, copying and pasting prompts, and employing the PhotoReal feature, all without the need for complex prompts or fine-tuned models.

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