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Revolutionize Your Images:

Beyond just AI-driven photo editing, delve into transformative capabilities such as the Image to Image function, making artwork enhancements seamless and intuitive.

Precision Instruments:

With Leonardo's integrated tools, perfect your images directly in-app. Easily upscale, magnify, de-zoom, and strip backgrounds to attain the perfect visual flair.

Artistry at Your Fingertips:

Dictate your creative journey with in-depth command over every nuance of your digital art creation. Harness prompts, counter-prompts, tiling, scheduling, and more for the ideal output.

Mastery with Prompt Magic:

Elevate art creation with Prompt Magic. Sculpt and steer your masterpieces with targeted prompts to mirror your unique style and vision.

State-of-the-Art AI Capabilities:

Engage with our versatile or specialized models to effortlessly birth industry-standard art and design materials. Our algorithms cater to an expansive spectrum of top-tier AI art and designs.

Spark your creativity to sculpt boundless visions in mere moments. Swiftly cycle through ideas, sample diverse aesthetics, all while maintaining uniformity. Immerse in a tribe of over 1.5 million innovators and tap into a library exceeding 100 million images, all born from Leonardo.Ai. Embark on your artistic odyssey now!

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What’s New

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Size:40.7 MB
Category:Graphics & Design
Compatibility:iPhone - Requires iOS 16.0 or later.
Compatibility:iPad - Requires iPadOS 16.0 or later.
Compatibility:Mac - Requires macOS 13.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.
In-App Purchases:40.7 MB
Apprentice: $15.99
Artisan: $39.99
Apprentice (yearly): $159.99

Ratings and Reviews

A Brilliant Addition to an Already Fantastic Platform
LeoAI is a phenomenal addition to an already impressive online tool. Its smooth integration amplifies the overall user experience, making it all the more intuitive and user-centric.
The standout element is the brilliantly crafted UI, designed meticulously for users like me who sometimes get a tad overzealous with content generation. This layout prompts users to take a moment and deliberate over each creation, introducing a level of mindfulness that's genuinely valued.
To sum it up, LeoAI has won my heart. With its top-notch design and user-friendly attributes, it's essential for those aiming to elevate their digital journey. A top recommendation from me!
So good it shouldn’t be free
I've been a user of Leonardo's desktop version for several months, and its features never cease to amaze me! I'm thrilled to see they've ventured into a mobile app. It definitely deserves more recognition than it currently receives, though there's a part of me that wants to keep it as our little secret to avoid overcrowding.
Ai subscription always high except bluewillow
Apps like these seem to be tailored for urban users with higher salaries, rather than individuals like us who earn a modest income outside metropolitan areas. The pricing appears to cater to those earning above $20 per hour. Comparatively, PlayStation offers a substantial yearly discount, and BlueWillow's standard rate is only $5 monthly. The redeeming feature is the daily free usage. Additionally, many top-notch codes are open-sourced, and you can find quality images for free online. Just search for free AI generation or use a capable computer; it might be slower online but is effective.
Edit: TO ADD, it's pricier on the iOS store. Seems like they've increased the cost, possibly for Apple's sake. It's as if they're not fond of App Store users; it's rare to see an app more expensive on the App Store than on its website. Usually, prices are consistent across platforms
Great AI app
I've experimented with the desktop version, and in terms of AI-driven image generation, this app is top-tier. I'd even rank it above Midjourney, which speaks volumes. My feedback is based on the premium version; I'm not familiar with the constraints of the free version.
Amazing app
Based on your input, you can craft incredible visuals. This is the most impressive image creation engine I've come across, surpassing others in the market. Once I'm set to release my book, I'll definitely be investing in a subscription.
Imagine MidJourney, but free (150 tokens a day)
I'm a huge AI enthusiast and have experimented with numerous apps in the image generation realm. The results from this app consistently amaze me. While I previously favored MidJourney, this app surpasses it! Just give it a shot and see for yourself!
Brilliant app
It exceeded my expectations in intelligence, and the ability to train your own models is a game-changer. Incredibly quick and user-friendly. I quickly exhausted my free tokens in a single session and immediately opted for a paid plan. It's absolutely worth it. Kids are sure to enjoy this!
Quite Possibly One Of The Best
This ranks right up there with Midjourney, although a search function would be a great addition. I find the cost reasonable, especially considering the daily free credits for non-paying users. I'm puzzled by the complaints about pricing.
Price is a little steep for its limitations
In general, this is a fantastic AI app that's user-friendly and usually delivers what I'm after within 5 or 6 tries. If the subscription were just a bit more affordable, I'd be even more pleased with it.

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