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Big developments in AI-driven art! Leonardo AI has recently launched Elements, an innovative feature crafted for artists desiring detailed control over their creative expression. Elements opens up a vast landscape of sophisticated experimentation, enabling users to achieve mastery and produce remarkably unique and captivating images.
Experience the fusion of art and technology with Leonardo.Ai's Elements, a tailored LoRA model solution that delivers detailed and efficient image generation. Customize effortlessly with dynamic modifiers to merge diverse styles and achieve the exact visual flair you desire.

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About Elements

LoRA Capabilities: During its beta phase, Leonardo.Ai has integrated a total of 18 LoRA models, enhancing the variety of creative outputs. Specifically, 4 models are SDXL compatible, 1 with SD2.1, and 13 tailored for SD1.5 models.
  • Element Customization: With the 'Add Elements' feature, users can now infuse their creations with unique artistic flair right from the 'AI Image Generation' page, ensuring a personalized touch to each image.
  • Diverse Style Selection: The platform offers a rich spectrum of artistic Elements, ranging from the classic 'Baroque' to the edgy 'Lunar Punk', ready to be mixed and matched for aesthetic diversity.
  • Refined Weight Control: Adjust the influence of each Element with precision through relative weight settings, opening up possibilities for subtle tweaks or dramatic shifts. Some LoRAs even present unique outcomes when applied in negative values, inviting experimentation.

The Power of Elements

With Elements, the horizon of customization and creativity is boundless, placing the reins of artistic control firmly in your hands. Users can blend and juxtapose styles from the Elements library to unlock an extraordinary degree of personalization in their art. Getting started with Elements in the AI Image Generation interface is just a matter of a few clicks, offering artists a smooth, hassle-free entry into their creative exploration.


Elements offers a simplified approach to crafting bespoke artworks and adaptable workflows directly on the AI Image Generation page. By picking preferred styles and modifying their influence through weight adjustments, the embedded LoRA models subtly guide the final image output, all the while granting users the freedom to utilize their chosen model.
This integration empowers users to produce distinctly unique results, leveraging the nuanced control afforded by Elements in concert with their preferred fine-tuned model for a level of customization beyond what's possible with a standalone fine-tuned model.

Unlocking New Artistic Horizons

Elements distinguishes itself from other tools through its capacity to provide detailed control over the art creation process. Artists have the flexibility to fine-tune the influence of each Element in the mix, achieving an ideal blend of styles for their envisioned result. This granular level of control is key in enabling artists to fully realize their creative potential, leading to the production of artworks that are not only highly personalized but also distinctively unique.

The Secret Sauce: LoRAs

Elements harnesses the advanced capabilities of Low-Rank Adaptation models, commonly referred to as LoRAs, to enable detailed and nuanced image creation. These potent models are adept at adapting to a wide range of artistic styles, capturing even the minutest details with remarkable accuracy.
By incorporating LoRAs, Elements streamlines the creative workflow, making it more user-friendly without compromising on the robustness and quality of the output.

Unleash Your Artistic Vision

Elements from Leonardo AI ushers in an era of boundless creative freedom and precise control in the realm of AI-generated art. It empowers artists to transcend the limits of their creativity and elevate their art to extraordinary levels.
Designed for both budding artists and seasoned professionals, Elements offers an expansive canvas to experiment and innovate, allowing you to craft stunning pieces that truly embody your individual artistic flair.

How to Use Elements

Getting Started with Elements: To activate Elements, navigate to the AI Images Generation page and simply click the ‘Add Elements’ button located beneath the text prompt field.
  • Customize Your Creation: Feel free to select and blend up to four different Elements. Experiment with various combinations to discover the styles that resonate with your vision.
  • Fine-tuning: Tailor the impact of each Element by adjusting its weight to achieve the ideal equilibrium for your artwork. Keep in mind that certain Elements may yield intriguing effects when applied with negative weights!
  • Create Your Masterpiece: Once you've set your preferences, hit ‘Generate’ to swiftly bring your unique concept to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are some Elements not compatible with each other?
  • Certain Elements are designed to work with specific finetuned models and combining them with incompatible models could lead to subpar creations. To prevent this, the platform automatically deactivates any non-compatible combinations, ensuring only suitable Elements are utilized in the generation process.
  • Is there an extra charge for using Elements in image generation?
  • At present, incorporating Elements into your image generation does not require extra tokens; it's included in the standard cost.

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