How to Generate Transparent PNG Images and more

Introducing Transparency, Leonardo AI's newest feature, designed to revolutionize your design process with native transparent PNG generation! thrilled to offer you the ability to create stunning, transparent visuals with ease. Perfect for designers, content creators, and anyone in need of high quality, transparent images. Experience the magic of seamless design integration with Transparency by Leonardo AI. Discover how it can enhance your projects today!

Transparency Mode

Now, with transparency functionality activated, you have the power to produce images of superior quality featuring transparent backgrounds. Effortlessly craft sharp visuals with pristine, clear backgrounds, perfect for elements in graphic design, print-on-demand templates, stickers, and beyond! This isn't merely an advanced form of background removal—it's genuine native transparent image generation. Enjoy the benefits of partial transparency and exceptionally smooth edges. For optimal performance, we suggest pairing this feature with the Kino XL, Vision XL, and AlbedoBase XL models, and for unparalleled fidelity, try it with Alchemy v2 or Photoreal v2. And here's even more good news: transparency seamlessly integrates with Elements, enhancing your creative potential!

Leonardo AI Transparency

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About Transparency

  • Simple to Use: Activate Transparency with just a click.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works seamlessly with numerous Elements*. (Refer to the compatibility list below)
  • Model Flexibility: Compatible with both SDXL and SD1.5 models.
  • Special Effects: Capable of rendering transparent effects on certain materials like glass.


  • Uncompromised Quality: Generate transparent images directly, avoiding the quality loss and extra steps of background removal.
  • Ease of Design: Transparent backgrounds allow for effortless integration into various backdrops, enhancing your design, gaming, and video projects.
  • Creative Freedom: The option to create transparent characters, art, textures, and objects opens up a world of possibilities, facilitating easy layering and expanding creative expression.

Use Case Examples

Transparency is incredibly versatile, ideal for:

  • Image and Video Compositions: Quickly generate and incorporate assets into graphic designs or videos.
  • 2D Game Assets: Create game icons and illustrations with ease.
  • Stickers and Prints: Design stickers for apps or printable designs for merchandise like t-shirts and mugs.
  • Editorial: Seamlessly integrate images into articles, creating engaging banners without background concerns.

Compatibility List

To achieve the best results with Transparency, consider the following recommendations:

  • Optimal Models: Leonardo Kino XL, Leonardo Vision XL, and AlbedoBase XL.
  • Element Strength: Lowering element strength often improves outcomes.

SDXL Element Compatibility

  • Simple Flat Illustration: Excellent - Straightforward compatibility.
  • Colorpop: Excellent - Results vary with settings.
  • Vintage Christmas: Excellent.
  • Dark Arts: High - May introduce extra visual elements.
  • And more with varying degrees of compatibility and specific considerations.

Additional Notes

  • Best Usage: Transparency currently performs best with Alchemy disabled.
  • Prompt and Setting Sensitivity: Results may vary based on specific prompts and image settings.

This overview should guide you in making the most of Transparency, enriching your creative projects with ease and efficiency.

How to use Transparency

  1. Launch: Navigate to Image Generation by clicking on it in the left sidebar.
  2. Leonardo AI Transparency

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  3. Toggle: Switch Transparency to ON, also located in the left sidebar
  4. Leonardo AI Transparency

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  5. Generate: Input your prompt and choose your preferred model.
  6. Leonardo AI Transparency

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Key Tip: For optimal outcomes, ensure your prompt excludes references to backgrounds or environmental elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any user restrictions?

At present, there are no restrictions placed on users.

How much does it cost to use Transparency?

The use of Transparency incurs no additional token charges.

What file formats can I expect?

Transparency exclusively produces images in the .PNG format.

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