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The Power of Alchemy Leonardo Ai Unveils a Revolutionary Feature in Image Generation

This sophisticated pipeline revolutionizes your design experience by offering unparalleled precision and enhancement options. Elevate your creations with stellar high-definition, amplified contrast, depth, and much more. Designed for both beginners and seasoned creators, our guide is crafted to demystify and explain each component of Alchemy in detail.

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High Resolution

Leonardo Alchemy's High Resolution feature is a cornerstone of its capabilities, offering a toggle option between a 1.5x and 2x boost in image resolution. This function is designed to increase the output resolution of your alchemy-enhanced images, providing a level of richness and detail that goes beyond standard outputs. It's important to note, however, that due to the unique diffusion process used during image generation, the High Resolution feature isn't intended to serve as an upscaler.
For Alchemy, the input dimensions are set at 768 pixels in width and 512 pixels in height. Engaging Alchemy scales up these dimensions accordingly:
  • With High Resolution off, the scale factor is 1.5x, which enhances the image to a resolution of 1152x768 pixels.
  • With High Resolution on, the ai images is doubled in size, delivering a final high-definition resolution of 1536x1024 pixels.

Contrast Boost

Contrast Boost is a feature that elevates the contrast and dynamic range of your image, with a standard setting fixed at 1. Modifying this value can markedly influence the visual characteristics of your image, allowing you to customize it to better suit the subject at hand.
Keep in mind that the Contrast Boost does more than just adjust dynamic range; it also impacts the overall aesthetic and the intricacies within the image. As such, varying the levels of contrast can yield diverse results even if all other factors, such as settings and seeds, stay the same. Experimentation with this tool is key to achieving distinct visual effects that cater to your creative objectives.

Contrast Boost

Contrast Boost is a feature that intensifies the contrast and dynamic range within an image, starting with a default setting of 1. Altering this value can profoundly influence the image's visual characteristics to better suit your creative intentions.
It's important to realize that Contrast Boost does more than just modify dynamic range; it also impacts the aesthetic and intricacy of the image. Thus, varying the contrast setting can result in distinct variations in your output, even if all other parameters and seeds stay the same.


Resonance plays a pivotal role in Alchemy, dictating the detail intensity in your image and its fidelity to the given prompt. Amplifying the Resonance can produce complex, richly detailed visuals, though it can sometimes introduce a level of busyness to the image.
An optimal balance often lies in the range of 13-15 for Resonance, but this isn't a hard-and-fast threshold. The appropriate Resonance setting may vary with the specific model you're using and the nature of your prompt. Expect to engage in some experimentation to pinpoint the Resonance level that best aligns with each unique image creation task


Alchemy is designed to be universally compatible across all of Leonardo's provided models, as well as any custom models you might create. This versatility paves the way for a diverse spectrum of creative outcomes, inviting you to explore and experiment to your heart's content!


Upon activation of Alchemy, the default setting is configured to "General," offering a balanced and flexible foundation for your image editing. Alchemy provides access to 11 distinct presets, each crafted to impart a specific stylistic touch and visual impact to your creations:
  1. Anime
  2. Creative
  3. Dynamic
  4. Environment
  5. General
  6. Illustration
  7. Photography
  8. Raytraced
  9. 3D Render
  10. Sketch B/W
  11. Sketch Color
Be aware that each preset influences the final appearance of your image in its own way. Typically, the model does not inherently apply specific artists' or photographers' styles, particular types of art, or specialized effect prompts. For a more tailored result that closely matches other artistic styles, it's beneficial to explicitly describe the desired style within the prompt itself. For such customized style applications, choosing the "None" preset is often the most effective approach.


In Alchemy, the image2image feature grants you the capability to modulate the influence of the original image on the final output. This is managed by adjusting the "Init Strength" setting:
  • A reduced "Init Strength" value results in diminishing the prominence of the original image in the final output.
  • Conversely, increasing the "Init Strength" value amplifies the impact of the original image on the outcome.
This control allows for a spectrum of creative possibilities, from subtle enhancements to maintaining the essence of the original image.

Prompt Magic

The Prompt Magic Influence setting is pivotal in regulating the impact that your descriptive input has on the output. A higher setting amplifies the effect of the prompt:
  • With a greater value, Prompt Magic exerts a stronger influence on the final image.
  • Alchemy enhances Prompt Magic's functionality, allowing it to handle the entire scope of a description.
  • In absence of Alchemy, Prompt Magic's processing power is limited, typically unable to handle prompts that exceed 350-400 characters in length.

Complex Syntax and Weights

Alchemy's advanced prompt construction allows for nuanced emphasis using brackets:
  • Use round brackets to boost AI focus on the enclosed terms.
  • Use square brackets to diminish AI focus on the enclosed terms.
For each pair of brackets, the influence is adjusted by 10%:
  • (red) boosts the focus on "red" by 10%, making it 110%.
  • ((red)) further boosts the focus on "red" by an additional 10%, totaling 120%.
  • (((red))) escalates the focus on "red" even more, to 130%.
A colon within brackets helps refine the adjustment:
  • (motion blur:0.9) subtly decreases the focus on "motion blur" by 10%.
  • (motion blur:1.2) significantly heightens the focus on "motion blur" by 20%.

Unique Upscales

Alchemy provides two specialized upscalers, Alchemy Crisp and Alchemy Smooth, tailored for refining your images as they are enlarged:
  • Alchemy Crisp is designed to sharpen images rich in texture, such as photographs, digital artworks, and certain types of 3D renderings.
  • Alchemy Smooth is optimized for images with more uniform textures, perfect for illustrations, anime, and cartoon-style visuals.
The Power of Alchemy
Launching just months ago in December 2022, we've rapidly grown our community from a modest 3,000 to an impressive 1.5 million users, with a million more eagerly in line—a testament to our unwavering commitment to expansion and accessibility.
Our platform has undergone significant enhancements, notably with the introduction of Texture Generation and ControlNet. Texture Generation is a game-changer for video game developers and artists, simplifying the texturing of 3D models, while ControlNet offers precise command over artistic creations, enabling adjustments in pose, depth, and edge definition.
Our latest innovation, however, is set to surpass all expectations. We call it Alchemy.

Alchemy: The Chemistry of Creation

True to its name, Alchemy is a transformative force within the realm of AI artistry. This pioneering 2D image pipeline catapults the caliber of image creation to new heights, fostering unprecedented resolution and clarity—details hitherto unseen in digital art.
Alongside heightened detail, Alchemy boasts superior lighting and shading enhancements, unlocking new creative realms for both novices and seasoned artists. This leap in technology stems from the relentless pursuit of excellence by our machine learning team, striving to redefine the boundaries of possibility.
Using Alchemy is a breeze. The feature integrates seamlessly with our AI image generation tool, offering a simple toggle option for activation. To further ease the creative journey, Alchemy includes user-friendly presets, ensuring that even those new to AI art generation can craft extraordinary visuals with ease.
And that's not all—we're introducing a much-anticipated capability: prompt weighting. This adds another dimension of finesse to your artistic endeavors, all inspired by feedback from our vibrant community.

An Exciting Opportunity Awaits

While Alchemy is a premium feature, we're excited to offer all users a 1-week trial in the near future, giving everyone a taste of its transformative power. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the announcement.
The applications for Alchemy span a vast horizon, from video game environment and character concepts to storyboarding for films, from conceptualizing designs for fashion and accessories to creating covers for books and music albums, and from 3D model printing to sheer artistic exploration.
With Alchemy, your creative aspirations are within reach, enhancing Leonardo Ai's mission to remain at the vanguard of generative AI technology. This feature not only marks a significant achievement for us but also represents our enduring promise to deliver an evolving suite of tools to our valued users.
Alchemy isn't just a step forward in image generation—it's a giant leap for artistic innovation and versatility, and it's all happening here at Leonardo Ai.

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