Frequently Asked Questions provides a platform for users to craft high-quality assets for their creative ventures using the prowess of AI for quick and consistent styles.

The platform boasts a multitude of tools that empower users with enhanced control over content creation, letting them swiftly design and produce distinct, ready-to-use assets using either pre-trained or custom models.

With, the horizon of AI-fueled creative production is broadened. Users can swiftly design entire worlds, generate models from existing works, craft art based on mood boards, and merge tiles to devise landscapes.

Moreover, the AI capabilities can produce concept art maintaining a uniform style with precise prompts. To access its preliminary alpha version, users need to be on the whitelist and can also sign up for early access.

What makes Leonardo different?

Leonardo elevates beyond the standard AI toolkit, offering a powerful platform for imaginative output. We seamlessly integrate advanced generative AI techniques with unmatched creator autonomy, amplifying human creativity rather than supplanting it.

Throughout the content creation journey, our system provides detailed customization, ensuring your artistic vision is impeccably realized. Using a range of state-of-the-art functionalities, Leonardo stands out in aspects like model refinement, adherence to prompts, swift training, rapid inference, and support for multi-image prompts. We've tackled prevalent challenges like image deterioration and introduced bespoke upscaling—all underpinned by our dedication to perpetual growth and enhancement.

Leonardo's journey is just unfolding, with much more on the horizon!

Can I use Leonardo for free? What benefits do I get from a paid subscription?

Definitely! Leonardo provides a complimentary tier with a daily token allowance, perfect for your creative endeavors on our platform. This offer remains indefinitely, allowing you to utilize it at your leisure.

For added perks, our premium subscriptions offer a heightened token quota, expedited image creation, and the privilege of accessing exclusive features. To delve deeper into our subscription options, simply hit the “Upgrade” button positioned on the top left of the page.

How do Leonardo models work?

Leonardo boasts an array of meticulously optimized models. These cater to a broad range of content creation tasks, with some specially tailored for niche requirements.

For our esteemed premium members, we present the opportunity to hone many of their unique models. This can be achieved on our platform using a minimal collection of images (usually between 10-20). Such models can emulate distinct styles or content variations. Additionally, users have the option to share their personalized models with others, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

How do I get access to Leonardo.Ai?

To begin with Leonardo.Ai, just head over to our main page and select either the 'Create an account' or 'Start using Leonardo' option. For newcomers, input your first name and email, then click 'Count me in' to join the early access queue. If you've previously secured access, opt for the 'Yes, I’m whitelisted' option, directing you to the web-app login.

After registration, keep an eye on your email for an early access invite, and don't forget to scan your spam folder just in case!

Is Leonardo suitable for beginners or do I need coding skills?

Leonardo.Ai is crafted for easy accessibility, catering to creators from varied backgrounds and expertise. No coding prowess is required to begin. With its user-centric interface, comprehensive guides, and a vibrant community, we ensure a smooth sail through your artistic voyage.

How quickly can I generate assets using Leonardo.Ai?

Leonardo.Ai is engineered for rapid asset creation. However, the time taken can fluctuate based on several aspects, such as:

  • Image Configuration: : The chosen parameters, like resolution, can affect the time it takes to produce an image. Higher resolutions might necessitate a bit more time.
  • Generation Technique:: Depending on whether you use Prompt Magic, Alchemy, image2image, or image prompting, the generation pace might differ.
  • Batch Size:: Generating a series of images at once could influence the speed of each asset's creation.
  • Subscription Level: : Premium users are given precedence, potentially resulting in quicker generation times for them.

Notwithstanding these factors, our continuous aim is to refine and streamline to offer swift and efficient asset delivery to all users.

Are there opportunities for business or enterprise applications?

Absolutely, Leonardo.Ai offers a vast horizon of prospects for B2B and large-scale enterprises. Organizations seeking a uniform, efficient, and economical approach to superior asset or texture production will deem our platform indispensable. To understand how Leonardo.Ai can augment your business processes, kindly reach out to our business development team through the Contact Us page.

How do I get involved with the Leonardo.Ai community?

Joining the Leonardo.Ai community enriches your creative adventure with us. Engage in our vibrant communities on Discord and Facebook, where you can connect with like-minded creators, gather insights, view tutorials, and spark your next inspiration.

These platforms transcend mere community centers. We frequently organize captivating contests and events to fuel creativity and foster teamwork.

Immerse yourself, bond with global creators, and harness the plethora of resources and assistance available to you.

Is Leonardo the best drawing app for Windows?

That's our aspiration. Leonardo is probably the best drawing app for the Microsoft Surface and all other PC-tablets and we hope that within two years we can be the best Windows drawing app, period.

What are Leonardo's biggest strengths?

The speed, the user interface, the line tools and the infinite canvas.

What are Leonardo's most requested features?

Custom brushes, custom shortcuts, distort tool and layer folders. We are currently working on a big rewrite of the underlaying technology that will make these and much more possible.

What is the difference between the desktop version (from this website) and the Windows Store version?

None. It's the exact same version of Leonardo.

Is Leonardo a good alternative to Photoshop?

Both yes and no. Drawing on a Windows tablet is definitely nicer with Leonardo than Photoshop. Leonardo is also much faster and easier to learn. However, Photoshop is a beast when it comes to features. A lot of our users start their illustrations in Leonardo and then do the final touches in Photoshop. Leonardo can export to the Photoshop file format (PSD) which makes the transition easy.

Is Leonardo a good alternative to Sketchable?

Yes. Sketchable is also built for Windows tablets like Leonardo. But Leonardo is much faster, more stable, easier to learn and have more features then Sketchable.

Is Leonardo a good alternative to Sketchbook Pro?

Yes. Sketchbook was never designed for touch interfaces.

Is Leonardo a good alternative to Paint Tool SAI?

Yes, but we genuinely admire SAI for its drawing capabilities! Its user interface might feel a bit outdated and might be slightly challenging for newcomers. Additionally, it seems there hasn't been recent development on it.

Is Leonardo a good alternative to Mischief?

Yes, Mischief is among the handful of drawing apps that feature an infinite canvas, similar to Leonardo. However, the underlying mechanics of Leonardo and Mischief are distinct: Leonardo uses a raster-based system, while Mischief is vector-based. In our view, raster technology is better suited for drawing/painting apps since crucial tools, such as Smudge and Lasso, are tailored for raster applications. Additionally, it appears that Mischief's development has been halted.

Is Leonardo the Windows equivalent of ProCreate?

If you're asking whether Leonardo is the premier drawing app for Windows tablets, akin to ProCreate's status on iPad, then the answer is likely yes! However, it's worth noting that Leonardo and ProCreate have distinct features. Unique elements like Leonardo's infinite canvas and line tools set it apart from other apps.

Does Leonardo work on my computer?

Leonardo is compatible with most Windows systems. However, for the optimal drawing experience, we highly recommend using a pen. To ensure compatibility with your device, please download the trial version of Leonardo from our download page.

Does Leonardo work with Microsoft Surface tablets?


Does Leonardo work with Wacom tablets?


How long will Leonardo be in Beta?

Likely until 2024. In 2022, we encountered a challenge that hindered incremental improvements to Leonardo. Since then, we've dedicated significant time to overhaul the underlying technology. Once this overhaul is complete, we'll remove the Beta label.

What is the roadmap for Leonardo?

Learn more in our blog post: 'The Future of Leonardo'

How do I update Leonardo to the latest version?

For those using the desktop version of Leonardo (obtained from our website), navigate to Help > Software Update within the application. If you're using the Windows Store version, please visit the Leonardo listing there.

How often will I receive updates for Leonardo?

We typically release a significant update every six months. In between, we might roll out minor updates to address bugs. We don't update Leonardo more frequently because extensive testing is required for each major release, which takes time.

Will future updates be free if I have already purchased Leonardo?

Yes, if you've already purchased Leonardo, all beta and version 1.x releases will be available to you at no additional cost

Is there any forum for Leonardo users?

No, we definitely need to address this.

Does Leonardo have custom (saveable) brushes?

No, not at the moment. However, due to its high demand, we're actively working on implementing it.

Does Leonardo have a text tool?

No, currently we don't offer that feature. But given its popularity, we hope to incorporate it soon.

Can Leonardo AI import PDF files?

No, but we've noted this as a frequent request. We hope to incorporate it in upcoming updates.

Does Leonardo AI handle Photoshop (PSD) files?

Leonardo has the capability to export PSD files, but it cannot import or directly save in that format.

Does Leonardo have screen recording?

No. We recommend using an external software like Camtasia for that purpose.

How do I save to JPEG or PNG?

Please go to File > Export.

When I zoom-in my canvas gets pixelated!

Leonardo operates on a raster-based system, meaning if you zoom in beyond 100%, pixels will become visible. By "infinite canvas", we refer to the ability to scroll endlessly in any direction, not limitless zooming. For a higher resolution, initiate your drawing at a zoom level of 50% or 25% and use it as your starting point

I can't zoom out more than 50%!

Navigate to the zoom panel by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. From there, select 'Options'. Within 'Options', you'll be able to define the maximum and minimum zoom levels.

How do I give Leonardo AI as a gift?

Go to the Leonardo page on the Windows Store and find the three dots near the 'Buy' button. Click on them, and you'll have an option to purchase it as a gift.

Can I pay for Leonardo with PayPal?

Yes. Underneath the 'Buy' button on the purchase page, there's a link for that option. Additionally, if you'd like the Windows Store version of Leonardo, they also accept PayPal.

Do I need an account to try Leonardo?

Yes, you'll need a Leonardo account created within the app post-installation or a Microsoft account for the Store version.

Does Leonardo require a Internet connection to run?

No. An internet connection is only required the first time you launch Leonardo and for purchase verification.

How do I transfer my Leonardo license from one computer to another?

If you purchased Leonardo directly from our website, simply download it onto your new computer and sign in using the email address you used for the purchase. Your license will be transferred automatically. If you acquired Leonardo through the Microsoft Store, download it again from the store and ensure you're logged into Windows with the same account you used for the original purchase.

Can I use one license of Leonardo on multiple devices?

Yes, provided you don't operate them at the same time.

How do I delete my Leonardo account?

Please visit this page.

What platforms does Leonardo exist on?

It's available exclusively for Windows. You can download it from this website or the Windows Store. Regardless of where you download it from, it's the same Leonardo version.

Will there be a Mac version of Leonardo?

Yes, we're in the process of developing one.

Will there be an iPad version of Leonardo?

Yes we are currently working on one.

Will there be an Android version of Leonardo?


How do I contact the Leonardo team?

Kindly reach out to us via email at

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