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Leonardo AI Setting a New Standard in AI Art Generator

Embark on a journey into 'The Dawn of AI Artistry,' where we delve into the masterful creations crafted by Leonardo AI models.

This exploration unveils the incredible capabilities of artificial intelligence in the realm of art, showcasing a groundbreaking shift in how art is conceived and created.

Leonardo AI models, equipped with advanced algorithms and an intuitive understanding of artistic elements, are redefining the boundaries of creativity.

Witness stunning, AI generated artworks that challenge our perceptions of art and artist, blending traditional artistry with the limitless possibilities of technology.

This showcase not only highlights the technical prowess of Leonardo AI but also opens a window into a new era where AI collaborates with human imagination to produce truly awe inspiring pieces.
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How to Use Leonardo AI to Create AI Art

AI powered image generators are fast becoming the go to design tools online. Just describe your desired image, wait, and see the AI Art craft a visual wonder. Though there's a plethora of such tools available, only a select few offer the finesse and realism required for top notch results. While Midjourney has been a forerunner in this domain, Leonardo AI is emerging as a formidable alternative. Here's your guide to diving into the world of Leonardo AI image generation.

What is Leonardo AI Art?

Art produced using the "Leonardo AI Art" platform is a fascinating intersection of technology and creativity. Developed by Vinci, the Leonardo AI system employs deep learning algorithms and neural networks to study and assimilate patterns from thousands of artworks. From this vast repository of artistic knowledge, it generates original images.
These AI-created visuals aren't mere replicas or adaptations of pre-existing art. They are distinct creations, stemming from the AI's synthesis of various artistic components. The resulting artworks span a spectrum from abstract interpretations to lifelike representations of landscapes, figures, and objects.
The emergence of AI in the art domain has stirred diverse reactions. While many are excited by the possibilities of blending technology and artistry, others express concerns about the authenticity and soul of AI-generated art. The evolving role and reception of AI in the art landscape remains a captivating topic of discussion.

Benefits of Using Leonardo AI Art

Leonardo AI Art offers a transformative experience for artists, streamlining the creative process. Whereas traditional art methods can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, often taking weeks to months, AI-driven creations can deliver awe-inspiring pieces in mere hours.
Beyond just speed, Leonardo AI Art serves as a playground for artistic experimentation. Artists can dabble in myriad styles and techniques, visualizing their concepts almost instantaneously without the manual labor involved in each rendition. This immediacy fosters innovation and breaks boundaries of traditional methodologies.
Furthermore, Leonardo AI Art democratizes art creation. It bridges gaps by providing an avenue for artists, regardless of their background or formal training, to bring their visions to life. This accessibility ensures a more inclusive and diverse art landscape, enabling myriad voices to be heard and shared globally.


Pre-trained Models and Custom Data Sets

Leonardo.ai offers an array of pre-trained models that cater to diverse artistic needs. These models encompass a range of styles from photorealistic and artistic expressions to vintage photography, mythical creatures, and paper art, featuring options like 'Deliberate 1.1,' 'Vintage Photography,' 'Luna,' and 'Paper Art Style.' Our evaluations indicate that these models are exceptionally well-tuned, delivering precise and visually appealing outputs.

AI Canvas

Leonardo.ai boasts an AI canvas, a user-friendly and potent editor designed for crafting and modifying AI art images innovatively. This feature is particularly accessible for those who may have found other Stable Diffusion models challenging to use.

The process is straightforward: upload an image from your computer, a past creation, or one sourced from the community. After choosing an image, you can replicate and modify its prompt directly within the canvas. The AI canvas offers a unique block that generates new artwork based on your prompt, enabling you to expand and transform your images in previously unattainable ways.

Leonardo.ai's Inpainting and Outpainting Features

Transform your artistic boundaries into limitless horizons with Leonardo.ai's out-painting via canvas feature. This innovative tool shatters the constraints of traditional canvas sizes, allowing you to expand your artwork into larger, more expressive pieces that fully embody your creative vision.

Leonardo.ai empowers you to grow your images in any direction. Select the area where you wish to create new art, hit the generate button, and watch as your artwork unfolds. You have the freedom to craft wider, taller, or perfectly square images - the creative control is entirely in your hands.

But there's more! Upload an existing piece or start anew, and use Leonardo.ai to generate a complete portrait by extending and refining the image. The draw mask feature offers even more customization, enabling you to alter specific elements, like adjusting the color of a subject's lips, to add a personal touch to your masterpiece.

AI Pose

Leonardo AI's AI Pose feature, which appears to be a variant of Controlnet implemented for Stable Diffusion, lets users create images based on specific poses. To use this feature, simply upload a photo with the desired pose into the platform. It operates with models trained on Stable Diffusion 1.5, like the refined illustration version 2 model.

For image generation, users must input a prompt and set parameters such as image dimensions, guidance scale, step count, and tiling options. While the initial output might not always be flawless, image quality can often be enhanced through upscaling.

Regarding model training, Leonardo AI's capability for human figures might not be highly specialized, but image upscaling can significantly improve the results. However, it's worth noting that the platform's post-processing feature could be somewhat intense, particularly for close-up portraits.

Blending Images

Leonardo.ai offers a feature that lets you merge two images into one. By using the eraser tool, you can eliminate unwanted parts of the images, and then generate a new composition that seamlessly integrates both. This functionality creates strikingly unique and impressive images, which you can continuously modify and enhance.

Prompt Generation Tool

Leonardo.ai distinguishes itself with its prompt generation feature, which assists users in brainstorming ideas based on a specific keyword. For instance, entering 'potato' will prompt the tool to offer four creative suggestions related to potatoes. This is particularly useful for users seeking inspiration or struggling to conceive ideas for their artwork. It's a straightforward yet effective tool for those moments when you need a creative boost. Additionally, the convenience of a 'generate' button next to each suggested prompt allows for the immediate creation of four remarkable images, further enhancing the user experience.

What Can You Do With Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI isn't just an AI image generator; it boasts a range of AI-driven image editing tools that can elevate your creations. Within the platform, you can leverage AI features like in-painting and out-painting. Its magic eraser tool is especially handy for removing unwanted elements from pictures without affecting the main subjects. The possibilities with Leonardo AI are boundless, limited only by your creativity. For those looking for a starting point or inspiration, here are some prompts to experiment with or adapt in Leonardo AI:
Playful cartoon giraffe donning sunglasses and a tropical Hawaiian shirt, rendered in vivid, fun hues with intricate detail.
Leonardo AI Art Generator Hawaiian shirt
Regal lion adorned with a crown, exuding pride, depicted in watercolor strokes, with meticulous detail.
Leonardo AI Art Generator Regal lion
Bubble tea sipping panda bear, in kawaii design, soft pastel hues, with intricate details.
Leonardo AI Art Generator Bubble tea sipping panda bear
Minimalistic kung fu gym mascot, styled with traditional Chinese influences, featuring Chinese characters, set against a transparent backdrop.
Leonardo AI Art Generator Minimalistic kung fu gym mascot
25-year-old Asian woman, neon butterfly mask, hyper-realistic portrayal, set against a serene, luminous backdrop.
Leonardo AI Art Generator Asian woman

Keep in mind, the caliber of images you produce is largely influenced by how well you craft your prompts and the image generation model you select. Experiment with various prompts, explore different models, and identify the perfect combination for your needs. If you're searching for inspiration, consider utilizing tools like the Claude AI chatbot to generate compelling prompts that yield the desired outcomes.

Begin Your Journey with Leonardo AI

Start by registering for a complimentary account. Navigating the sign-up process might seem somewhat intricate. Typically, there's a waiting period for access, but we've discovered a neat trick to bypass this and gain instant access. I'll guide you through it step by step:
  1. Go to Leonardo.ai

  2. Click on 'Launch App' located at the top right corner

  3. Initially, register for early access.

  4. Sign up Access

  5. You will be redirected to a different screen

  6. Press the back button to return to the previous screen, then click on 'Yes, I'm whitelisted'.

  7. You will be directed to the login page. Here, you can log in using your Google or Microsoft account, or you can choose to sign up.

  8. After completing the initial setup, you will be prompted to select your interests for the first time.

  9. After registering, you'll be directed to the homepage, where you'll see a selection of featured models and a community feed displaying recent creations.
  10. Sign up Access for leonado ai

AI Art Prompt Ideas

If you're venturing into the realm of AI art for the first time or are seeking fresh inspiration, consider the following prompts as your launchpad.
Prompts serve as the foundation for AI art, guiding the creation process. They encompass diverse data, from renowned artist names and distinct art movements to allusions of iconic pop culture figures and whimsical terrains.
Begin with the prompts provided below. As you gain confidence, swap out the keywords with your imaginative concepts. Before you know it, you'll master the art of crafting bespoke AI visuals through your very own inventive prompts.

AI Art Categories

AI art tools excel in emulating a plethora of human-created art styles. While we can't cover every example, the ones we touch upon provide a solid foundation. For clarity, we've segmented the prompts into these categories:
  • In The Style of a Well-Known Artist
  • Pop Culture
  • Art Styles
  • Portraits
  • Fantasy Landscapes
  • Architecture
  • Creatures
  • Patterns, Shapes, and Geometric Design
Though our illustrations are based on DALL-E, it might be insightful to contrast DALL-E with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to pinpoint the AI art tool that resonates with your preferences.

In The Style of a Well-Known Artist

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists throughout history can be an excellent starting point when you're out of ideas. A straightforward prompt approach would be to describe a subject or scene, then add "in the style of" followed by the artist's name. Begin with well-known artists from the past to guide your efforts.
While it's possible to use the styles of contemporary, famous artists, it has raised concerns and led some artists to exclude themselves from AI databases. To sidestep future copyright complications, it's wise to focus on artists no longer living.

Frida Kahlo

Prompt: Portrait of a girl next to a capybara, in the style of a Frida Kahlo painting.
AI Art Prompt for Frida Kahlo

Rene Magritte

Prompt: Man with a cowboy hat, in the style of Rene Magritte.
AI Art Prompt for Rene Magritte

Tamara de Lempicka

Prompt: A woman with red hair in the style of Tamara de Lempicka.
Frida Kahlo AI Art Prompt

Pop Culture

A playful way to dive into AI art generation is to use beloved figures from pop culture. Think about memorable characters from films, legendary comic book heroes, or iconic video game leads. Add some descriptive elements to paint a vivid scene, and let the AI bring your vision to life.


Prompt:Godzilla figurine set against a miniature city, stop-motion.
 AI Art Prompt for Godzilla


Prompt: Pikachu, cinematic, digital art.
 AI Art Prompt for Pikachu


Prompt: Batman, cinematic lighting, high resolution 3D render.
AI Art Prompt for Batman

Storm Trooper

Prompt: Storm trooper in the desert, high-detail, dramatic lighting, digital art.
AI Art Prompt for Storm Trooper

Art Styles

Delving into AI art opens a vast array of artistic styles. Classic approaches like "Ukiyo-e" or "Oil painting" bestow a traditional artsy flair to your creations. On the other hand, employing terms such as "Unreal Engine 5", which references a game development platform, yields images reminiscent of contemporary video game concept art.
As you experiment, you'll naturally gravitate towards certain styles. By integrating some advanced techniques and insights into AI art creation, you'll be on your way to crafting exceptional AI-driven artwork.

Still Life Watercolor

Prompt: A still life watercolor painting of a hamburger on a table, a window in the background, soft afternoon light.
AI Art Prompt for Still Life Watercolor

Retro Illustration

Prompt: Retro vector illustration of a neon city skyline.
AI Art Prompt for Retro Illustration


Prompt: Ukiyo-e print of two women visiting a shrine.
AI Art Prompt for Ukiyo-e

Oil Painting

Prompt: Oil painting of a cottage near a pond, spring time.
AI Art Prompt for Oil Painting

Unreal Engine 5

Prompt: Cyberpunk style city street at night, unreal engine 5.
AI Art Prompt for Unreal Engine 5


Portraits offer an excellent canvas for concise yet impactful concepts. Elevate your creativity by replacing humans with animals or inventing a fantastical species. Drawing inspiration from imaginative self-portrait techniques in photography can enrich your range of prompts. Familiarizing yourself with terms from various art mediums can also expand your repertoire of keywords for constructing prompts

Animal Portrait

Prompt: Portrait of a Siamese cat wearing a robe, Chinese watercolor painting.
AI Art Prompt for Animal Portrait

Sci-Fi Portrait

Prompt: Portrait of a smiling cyborg woman, peaceful, digital art.
AI Art Prompt for Sci-Fi Portrait

Human Portrait

Prompt: Victorian era portrait of an old man wearing a hat, photorealistic.
AI Art Prompt for Human Portrait

Fantasy Landscapes

Incorporating the term "fantasy" in your prompt swiftly produces art that echoes enchanting stories set in medieval fortresses or age-old mystic woods. We delved into diverse themes related to this notion, such as the natural world, the Middle Ages, and the realm of surrealism.
If the outcomes appeal to you, consider employing DALL-E's outpainting function to expand the image's boundaries, creating new sections that seamlessly merge with the original picture.


Prompt: Cottage overgrown with ancient trees, high-fantasy, digital art.
AI Art Prompt for Nature


Prompt: Snail house on top of a cliff, surreal, fantasy, digital art.
AI Art Prompt for Surreal


Prompt: Medieval German castle, surrounded by mountains, high fantasy, epic, digital art.
AI Art Prompt for Medieval


Leveraging AI to produce architectural visuals and 3D renderings is quite rewarding. Experiment with crafting quaint pixelated cottages or envision a renowned monument in an alternate environment. Manipulate elements like texture, hue, illumination, and materials to infuse vitality into the structures.

Famous Landmarks Reimagined

Prompt: A photorealistic render of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, covered in overgrown vines, low-light, evening.
AI Art Prompt for Famous Landmarks Reimagined

Pixel Art

Prompt: A cabin in the woods, isometric pixel art, 64x64, digital art, forest in the background, deer in the foreground.
AI Art Prompt for Pixel Art

Architectural Renders

Prompt: A photorealistic rendering of an architectural modernist 3 story home, made of concrete, merging with a rocky mountain side, artificially illuminated, soft warm evening.
AI Art Prompt for Architectural Renders

Creature Creation

It's our hope that Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts globally are trying out AI generators. They're superb tools for experimenting with character designs. Moreover, they're particularly useful for conceptualizing NPCs and game bosses, especially for devoted game developers who might not have advanced artistic abilities.


Prompt: Digital art fine detailed illustration of an alien reaching out a hand, floating in space.
AI Art Prompt for Alien

H.P. Lovecraft

Prompt: A lovecraftian monster with a squid head and human body, color sketch, haunting low light, red and blue accents, rough texture.
AI Art Prompt for H.P. Lovecraft

Video Game Monsters

Prompt: An ugly ogre with gray-green pocked skin, inspired by Dark Souls, Unreal Engine 5 3D render, black background, disgruntled.
AI Art Prompt for Video Game Monsters

Patterns, Shapes, and Geometric Designs

AI art generators excel when generating repetitive patterns and mesmerizing kaleidoscopic forms. Experimenting with colors becomes especially engaging in this context; you can explore various palettes or define specific foreground and background hues to craft visually compelling pieces.

Fractal Art

Prompt: Fractal art, spiraling, pastel color palette, digital art.
AI Art Prompt for Fractal Art


Prompt: Hands, generative art, large-scale repetition, 3D render, multi-colored.
AI Art Prompt for Generative


Prompt: Black hyper glossy ferrofluids, light pink background.
AI Art Prompt for Ferrofluid


Is Leonardo AI Art accessible to everyone?
Absolutely, Leonardo AI Art is open to artists, designers, and anyone keen on creating distinct artworks.
What kind of art can be created with Leonardo Ai Art?
Leonardo Ai Art is versatile, allowing for the generation of diverse art forms such as abstract expressions, scenic landscapes, detailed portraits, and beyond.
Is the art created by Leonardo Ai Art considered original?
Indeed, the artwork produced by Leonardo Ai Art is deemed original since it's crafted by AI algorithms without replicating pre-existing pieces.
Can I sell the art created by Leonardo Ai Art?
Yes, you can market the pieces generated by Leonardo Ai Art since they are deemed unique and original. Nonetheless, always adhere to copyright regulations and provide appropriate credit to the Leonardo Ai platform when selling the art.
Can I customize the art created by Leonardo Ai Art?
Absolutely, the art produced by Leonardo Ai Art is adjustable. You can tweak various elements like color, style, and layout to suit your preferences.

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