Canvas 2.0

Canvas V2 empowers you to refine your images with precision, excise any undesired features, and creatively expand your visuals with cutting-edge in-painting and out-painting tools.

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Here's a rundown of the latest enhancements and additions now at your disposal:
  1. Introducing Three Innovative Modes: Text2Img, Img2Img, and Sketch2Img 🤖
  2. Significant Upgrades to Inpainting and Outpainting Features 🖌️
  3. Advanced Detail-Oriented Drawing Instruments ✏️
  4. Streamlined Editing with New Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨️
  5. Improved Visibility with Semi-Transparent Masking 🔍
  6. Accessible Floating Toolbar for Simplified Workflow 🛠️
  7. Enhanced Alchemy Integration for Text2Img and Img2Img 🧪

Canvas Modes

Leanado AI - Canvas Modes
Accessing the new Canvas modes like Text2Img, Img2Img, and Sketch2Img is straightforward, offering you a versatile range of options for creation and editing within Canvas.


Unleash your imagination with the Text2Img function, which lets you generate images directly onto your canvas using textual prompts. This tool is excellent for comparing and combining different visual styles or creating fresh content without the hassle of uploading pre-existing images.


Transform your images with the innovative Img2Img capability, which lets you infuse a new style into an existing image while maintaining its core attributes. This versatile tool is perfect for subtle edits or complete overhauls of your image's aesthetic.


Sketch2Img empowers you to turn rough sketches into fully realized images with precision. This feature bridges the gap between your ideas and their visual representation, offering you the power to dictate exactly how each element of your image materializes.


Take charge of creative edits with Inpaint/Outpaint. Whether you're looking to add fine details or completely alter the context of a scene, this function offers unparalleled flexibility to modify your images down to the smallest gemstone or as grand as the entire horizon.

This sophisticated tool enables you to extend the boundaries of the initial image or delicately adjust substantial components within, all while maintaining the essence and setting of the original piece. It's an ideal choice for those looking to play with different renditions of particular segments or to seamlessly enlarge the image's scope.

Support for all Finetuned Models:

Leanado AI - Support for all Finetuned Models
Moreover, the latest update grants you the flexibility to utilize all preferred platform models, including your personalized ones, directly within the canvas. This integration ensures that you can engage in text-to-image, image-to-image, as well as inpainting and outpainting activities, with the confidence that the model you employ aligns with your unique artistic vision.

Alchemy support for Text2img + Img2img modes

Canvas V2 seamlessly integrates comprehensive support for the high-quality Alchemy pipeline and all Prompt Magic functionalities, guaranteeing that the style and quality of your initial creation are consistently maintained throughout the post-production capabilities of the editing toolkit.
Leanado AI - Alchemy support for Text2img + Img2img modes

Enhanced UI & Keyboard Shortcuts

Canvas V2 streamlines the editing experience with an improved user interface and convenient shortcuts, designed to expedite your creative process. It boasts a floating toolbar for immediate tool access and comprehensive color selections with hexadecimal RGB codes for sketches, granting you extensive control over the creative output. Enhanced UI (complete color selection, featuring hexadecimal RGB color customization)
Leanado AI for Enhanced UI & Keyboard Shortcuts

Enhanced with new keyboard shortcuts for both PC and Mac, Canvas V2 ensures a more fluid and dynamic editing workflow.
Leanado AI for Enhanced UI & Keyboard Shortcuts
Now that you're acquainted with the impressive capabilities of Canvas V2, it's time to explore its functionality. Let’s delve into how to make the most of these new features.
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